You Probably Didn’t Know This Tasty Beverage Was Invented In Jamaica

This delicious drink is consumed by millions around the world but you may be surprised to hear that it was invented in Jamaica.

Which yummy drink am I referring to?

This smooth and creamy mixture is a favourite of young and old.

It is none other than chocolate milk.


As is often times the case, credit is given where it is not due.

They say there is nothing new under the sun but here is a little history on how this awesome drink came into being:

An Irish physician named Sir Hans Sloane is the inventor of chocolate milk.

It is reasonable to assume that if he had not ventured to Jamaica this scrumptious mixture would perhaps have been invented at a much later date – if ever.

chocolate milk was invented in JamaicaHe came up with it while he was traveling through the island. He came to Jamaica in 1687 to become the physician for the Duke of Albemarle.

The only problem was that the Duke died soon after landing, and his visit lasted only 15 months.

During that time, however, he noted about 800 new species of plant, and the most important thing of all, he encountered cocoa.


Locals in Jamaica drank cocoa with water, something that Sloane found nauseating. He saw promise in the drink, however, and decided to find ways to make it more acceptable.

He struck gold when he managed to mix it with milk. He brought back his chocolate milk recipe with him back to England, where it was manufactured and sold by apothecaries as medicine. The rest is history, delicious, chocolatey history.

Source: wikipedia

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[…] You probably didn’t know this tasty beverage was invented in Jamaica. […]