Friends Are Fogged By My Lady’s Natural Scent

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I’ve been with a shapely girl for almost a year and she never wears perfumes or deodorant.

I think she smells incredibly good, but some close pals recently told me that they didn’t like the way she smelt overall.

I’ve been hanging around with my peps since high school and I don’t want to lose them over this. My woman seems to be ‘the one’ for me as I’m hooked left, right and sinker. What’s a man going to do in this case?

Moses, Clarendon


Love Doctor’s Answer:

Love Doctor MontiLike it or lump it, we all smell from our natural body odour. Scientists have determined that there are 44 compounds that produce our unique thermal plume.

Although we don’t tend to pick our partners from their hidden body odour, we can be influenced by their smell. Overall we find romance when there is connection and common interests coupled with the natural desire for intimacy and ultimately the trust in that person.

Of course we may have a preference for certain smells, and often we become friends with the most unlikely people for the simple reason that we are influenced by their similar smell to us. As they say, birds of a feather stick together.

Men are fickle creatures, who are visually led. They tend to favour the body odour of ladies during their follicular phase of the menstrual cycle, which in layman’s terms is when they are most fertile. Yet another reason why younger women are generally deemed to be much more attractive than those who have gone through ‘the change’ and no longer have periods.

Yet even those with child-bearing ability are seen as less attractive during their menstruation, which is simply down to their thermal plume at that time of the month.

I would take a stab in the dark to boldly suggest that your friends only mentioned your partner when she hit her time of the month. Or maybe your friends have exceptionally high testosterone levels, because that would dramatically improve their sense of smell.

Our natural smells, which are often disguised by fragrances and perfumes, do influence us in numerous ways including whether we like or dislike certain people.


My advice is to be a true gentleman and gift her some perfume ahead of her menstrual cycle to disguise any unpleasant odours that are getting picked up by various people.

However, be careful what you choose for her as you should only get the fragrance that matches her personally and therefore need to avoid her smelling like a hooker. I would suggest that you opt for parfum, which boasts the highest fragrance concentration of up to 40 per cent, as then it will last most of the day. You never know, she may find it exhilarating to sport a new scent and may start buying some for herself.

Furthermore, when you know she is experiencing her period then simply avoid those friends of yours with her. You could try purchasing yourself some next deodorant each month and discreetly ask her to try it as well. If she likes it then simply buy her the same product.

Unless you suffer from some loss of your sense of smell, which is likely to jeopardise long-term relationships according to numerous scientific studies, then you are finding your lady attractive partly due to her distinct natural body odour.

If you want to improve her natural body odour, which is determined by genetics, then the quickest way is to ensure that she consumes more meat in her diet.

Should you follow all of these suggestions then subconsciously your friends will soon be enamoured by your girlfriend and the way she smells. However, obviously don’t hurt her feelings by revealing that her natural smell was commented on. Just help her to be accepted by your friends and when they also see that you are happy with this lady then they should be happy for you.

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