A Confident Child

Children are truly amazing!

I had an unforgettable encounter with one of my neighbors children a few years ago. This little angel was only 7 years young. I was showing her mother some of my artwork by her request and she was so excited!

She grabbed up one of the paintings and declared ownership  Her mother looked at her in astonishment and proceeded to ask her if she had any money to buy it. Jonelecia then replied; ” mommy I can save up my lunch money to buy it.” I was marveled! She then looked at me and said, auntie, I will pay you a $1000 JMD for it, I LOVE IT!

I then laughed and said, Jonelecia do you know the value of the painting? She said no, but I will pay you $1000. I told her the cost of the painting was $10,000. Her mouth fell to the floor  I then continued and said to her, ” but because of your boldness and enthusiasm, I will let you have the painting for the thousand dollars and you can consider it ALMOST like a belated birthday gift.”


She was elated! However I think I was happier than she was. It felt so good to give to her what she wanted…Her mother then asked her if she wanted her to pay for it and she insisted that she wanted to pay for it.

Mojiba RomanettiHer feelings to me was far more important than the money. Long live sensitivity, confidence and courage! Confidence will get you to your destination and first class while you’re at it!

With confidence there’s nothing you can’t do or have. Thank you beloved princess Jonelecia for the opportunity to share such a divine story. Praises to LOVE!

As parents and as a people, we must reinforce the value of confidence and determination in our children. It is beneficial to all of us to establish a sense of boldness and enthusiasm in our children.

The more confident a child is the better she or he will be able to cope successfully in the day to day activity in society.

Marcus Garvey says it best; ” With confidence, you have won before you have started.”

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