How Do I Get My Libido Back Without Buying Medical Products?

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I’m losing my libido and keep seeing so many aphrodisiacs in the supermarket that I’m sorely tempted.

I’m lost as I want to find a new woman, but I’m lacking the urge like I used to so for most of this year I’ve been uncharacteristically shy.

I’m really worried that if I start to use these that my friends might think that I’m attempting to be a stud. What’s your advice for a man in his 40s whose youthful vigour has now vanished?


R, Kingston

Love Doctor’s Answer:

Jamaica’s supermarkets are littered with all sorts of aphrodisiacs, some are designed to improve sexual libido while others are intended to enhance performance.

Love Doctor MontiThere’s no magic wand to determine what will suit you, as every single person will react differently to these readily-available dietary supplement aphrodisiacs.

I’m of the belief that these potions can cause more harm than good in the long term. My initial advice is to steer clear of these and instead alter your diet and lifestyle, but don’t totally discount them.

Some of these traditional remedies can prove effective, but you would need to research them before testing them out. I urge you to stick to the right-sized proportions rather than going hell for leather and expecting a miracle overnight.

If you want to enhance your sexual desire and performance then there are the more well-known aphrodisiacs such as avocados, blueberries, broccoli, Champagne, cocoa, coffee, crab, extra virgin olive oil, figs, milk, oranges, oysters, red wine and salmon.

I suggest that you consider natural aphrodisiacs before you splash the cash in the supermarket. These can all be a terrific energy booster and offer various other benefits.


Bananas | Can be as effective as energy drinks in boosting your energy, so would give you more sexual stamina.

Ginseng | This herb, which can increase blood pressure when taken too much, increases desire and sexual performance.

Nuts | Most are rich in l-arginine, which helps the body to produce nitric oxide that dilates blood vessels. This encourages blood flow to improve erections. Almonds, pistachios and walnuts will work a treat.

Okra | A natural relaxant, full of nutrients – including folate, iron, magnesium, vitamin B and zinc – to maintain your pleasure organs.

Pomegranate | Can be taken as seeds or as a drink, and being high in oxidants can increase both your sex drive and testosterone levels.

Strawberries | Contains vitamin B and folic acid, which can boost your libido and improve your semen quality.

Watermelon | Rich in citrulline, which improves blood circulation to increase your desire for sex.

My advice is to examine your current diet and lifestyle. Ensure that you eat plenty of fruit and vegetables, add extra virgin oil when you can (although that is fattening) as well as including legumes, nuts and seafood to your weekly shopping list.

Work out what needs altering, and then introduce some of these natural aphrodisiacs to your intake, as and when required. After a month you should have your mojo back, but test out which foods and drinks work for you.


If this sudden lack of libido is causing you stress, try eating pure chocolate and dates.

Alternatively, you could try a quick-fix solution of an off-the-shelf dietary supplement aphrodisiac from the supermarket as a last resort. Just don’t forget that while some of these could work for you, others simply won’t.

Unless you are aiming to be a stud muffin, then friends are only going to give you some friendly banter if you tell them you about your actions to try to increase your sexual desire. Best to keep this information under wraps, instead let these new foods and drinks in your diet do the talking.

You will find yourself in a better place if you take time to see what works for you. When you are less stressed and more confident then hopefully you will meet someone suitable organically, but will need to maintain your new diet so that your libido doesn’t disappear again.

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