Ruffi Eager To Become A Standout In Dancehall

February – 22 – 2022 – Born in the community of Haddo, Westmoreland, the talented entertainer relocated to Jamaica’s capital (Kingston) after leaving high school to live with his Stepfather.  While residing in the big city, Ruffi’s primary aim was to make a name for himself there with the assistance of the German High Power Sound System, owned by his Stepfather. 

And since those days, he has taken his talents to the stage with his numerous performances  spanning the length and breadth of Jamaica as well as the United States. 

He has collaborated with the likes of Producer Richie Loops who is well known for the song  “What’s In My Cup”, who produced an EP for him called “Diversity” from which the deejay  says he got his first hit song entitled “Life”, followed by others such as “Never Forget”, “Come  Ova” and “Holiday”. 

And despite being afflicted by COVID-19 in 2021, Ruffi persisted with his musical pursuits, as  his creative flair never diminished. After recovering from the illness, he promptly got back into  the studio and began making specific plans for his musical journey in 2022. 


The deejay has since released a track entitled “Work”, and recently dropped another called  “Money”, with further plans to heat up the upcoming summer period with the release of another  track by the name “Vacation”.

His most recent tracks were produced by Datboisanixx from Smallboxx Records and Bruck  Loose Entertainment with whom he has been working and they seem set to take the industry by  storm. 

Ruffi has already garnered 9 valuable years of experience in the music industry and one of his  primary aims is to give listeners great music that will leave an indelible mark on local and  international audiences. 

Ruffi is also a businessman and has established a clothing line called “Bruck Loose”, which he  says has been doing well in 3 stores in Kingston, particularly at the main store at the Sovereign  Center in Liguanea of the parish. Items can be purchased by visiting:

His latest song “Money”, was released on his birthday (February 15) on all Digital Platforms  making it available for streaming and download for his fans across the globe. 

A music video was done for the track as well that was shot in Miami Florida, which the artiste  says has a wonderful setting and is set to be released soon. 

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