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How Does The English Greyhound Derby Compare To Other Major UK Sporting Events?

In greyhound racing, there are few events bigger than the English Greyhound Derby.

As the flagship event of the season, the race always attracts a huge following from those who frequent Betdaq for greyhound news and tips, especially the final stages, which recently have been held at Towcester racetrack after a brief stint in Nottingham.

It’s always interesting to compare the biggest events that each sport has to offer, and the English Greyhound Derby certainly holds fond place in the heart of many sports fans. Let’s take a look at greyhound racing’s showpiece fixture in more detail, and see how it holds up against other iconic events on the UK sporting calendar.

English Greyhound Derby

It’s the sheer scale of the English Greyhound Derby that makes it so appealing to sports fans. To win it takes a huge amount of talent and courage in equal measure, and only the finest greyhounds get the honour of being named champion — evidenced by the fact that only four dogs have ever won the race twice.

Dozens take part in the early stages of the competition, which is slowly whittled down until the final stages, which take place in the early summer. There’s something intangible about Britain’s biggest greyhound race, and it’s that special quality that means the English Greyhound Derby can compete with some of the more high-profile sporting occasions each year.

Grand National

In terms of like-for-like events, the Grand National is probably the closest to the English Greyhound Derby. Liverpool’s famous Aintree horse race takes place in April each year, and is one of the biggest traditions in British sport. Everyone loves to try and pick the winner in this most unpredictable of races.

What makes the Grand National so special is how it brings people together. There is something magical about gathering round to watch this one race each year, so much so that even those who don’t particularly follow horse racing make sure it’s pencilled in to their diaries. 

FA Cup Final

In the history of sport in the United Kingdom, there is nothing quite like the FA Cup Final. For a long time, it was the only chance people had to watch football live on television, and that made it a very special occasion each year.

Legends are told of how the coverage used to begin at 8am, and while that may be an exaggeration, it’s certainly true that the match has always held a special place in every sports fan’s heart. The FA Cup may not be quite as important as it used to be, but the final still brings that sense of magic each season.

The English Greyhound Derby may be on a smaller scale to those two titans of the sporting calendar, but when you think about the things that make it special, you can see how a comparison is apt. These are the most anticipated days for fans of the respective sports, and you can bet that when the 2022 English Greyhound Derby rolls around, there will be plenty of interest up and down the country.

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