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Domestic Abuse (A Friend Just Had To Do What She Had To Do)

Be sure to read Part and  Part 2 before reading this story.


Marie tucks a strand of hair behind her ear, again and again, her mouth slightly open and her chin tucked in. Clear signs she’s either angry or disappointed or both. She was trying hard to keep it inside though, she didn’t want to show any signs of weakness.


She knocked on the door of the apartment that Zell and Justin occupied. She waited a few seconds then knocked again, this time she knocked with more vigour and might.


Justin shouted from behind the door


“A who that?”

“Weh you want?”


Marie flinched. Justin’s hoarse husky baritone made her somewhat scared. She stepped away from the doorway and braced herself from his appearance.


Justin opened the door. His facial expression resembled that of a fierce beast.

” Weh yuh want gyal?”

” Weh Zellane deh?”



Marie sucked her teeth.


” Why you asking and you left her to die?”

” Listen, I came here to get her things”

” She needs some clothing”


Justin gave Marie a devilish grin. He banged one hand on the door and looked Marie up and down.

“Get which things?”

“Yuh mad gyal? Yuh nah come in yah gyal!”


Marie frowned

“So what is she supposed to wear?”

“Why yuh wicked to her suh?”


“Weh Zell ever do to yuh, Justin?”

“Yuh ago dead bad, yuh wait!”


Justin sucked his teeth

“A yuh Zell a follow and full a man man”

“Zell nuh see say yuh nuh mean her no good”

“A walk and twang like yuh a sumaddy”

“Yah nuh nobody”

“Yuh can’t even get a man so yuh wah mash up yuh friend life”


Marie folded her arms and looked at Justin from head to toes. She didn’t see what Zell saw in him. He had a very big nose and his eyes were too big for his straight face.

“But look at you tuh”


“Yuh a man?”

 “Yuh feel a suh man treat a woman?”

“Yuh anuh man, yuh a man frame bwoy”

“Don’t watch my life!”

“Watch how police soon lock yuh up mek yuh go turn a prisoner bwoy b*tch”



Justin folded his fist to hit Marie and then he changed his mind. He didn’t know what Marie was capable of. He walked back inside the house and slammed his front door.


Marie let out a sigh of relief. She was glad Justin didn’t hit her, she didn’t have a thing on her to defend herself.


She took out her phone to call Zell’s mom.

She knew Zell was going to kill her when she found out but it was a risk she had to take.



Zell’s mom picked up on the second ring.

“Hello” she answered in a deep tone.


“Hi Mrs. Blair”

“It’s Marie, Zellane’s best friend.”

“There is a situation here and I think you guys need to travel to Montego quickly, Zell is being abused by her boyfriend and she is now in the hospital”


“What??” Mrs. Blair shouted on the other end of the call


“Yes, Mrs. Blair. She didn’t want me to call you but this guy has beaten her badly and they left me no choice”


“But Zell nuh easy, how she don’t tell us?”

“Okay Marie, we’ll come there first thing tomorrow.”

“Thanks for telling me”



“Okay Mrs. Blair”


Marie ended the call.


Excerpts from ‘Till death do us part’

Copyright © Shana Ledgister (2021)

IG- ledgy_da_writer

FB- Mz S Ledgister

Full book coming soon?

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