Short Stories

Domestic Abuse (The Sudden Attack)

short story JamaicaMarie and Zell met in college. They instantly became best friends. When they graduated, they decided to open a restaurant in Montego Bay. That’s where Zell met Justin, a tall dark muscular young man. Justin was the perfect man, except for one thing, he was very abusive. He has a roaring temper and would hit Zell whenever she broke his rules.

Marie examined the bruises on Zell’s face. Her eyes were black and blue. Blood ran down the side of her face. Zell had spent too much time interacting with a male customer, she was giggling and twirling her hair at some joke the customer gave when Justin stepped into the restaurant. Zell froze and sauntered towards him timidly. She had a nervous look on her face. She tried to speak to Justin but he stormed past her and went to the kitchen. He picked up his bags and bolted out of the restaurant. Zell couldn’t contain herself that evening because she didn’t know what to expect when she got home.

As the evening got closer to its ending, Zell feared what would happen when she got home. She knew Justin was furious. He hated when she interacted with other men. He wanted her for himself and himself only. Justin is a very jealous man and as much as Zell tried to abide by his strict rules, she always somehow messed up.

As soon as Zell stepped through the front door of the apartment that she rented with Justin, he slammed her head on the wall. Zell fell to the ground, blood rushed from the side of her face. She screamed but no one could hear her because they lived far from the main road.


Zell looked up at Justin with a pleading look in her eyes as she wiped the blood from her face. She looked at her hand and cried, ” Justin are you going to kill me?”

” He was just a friendly customer!”

Justin bit his bottom lip and aimed his right foot to the side of Zell’s body. He kicked her as much as his feet allowed him to. When he was tired of kicking her he walked up to the bedroom and slammed the door. Zell tried to get up but she was too weak. She crawled helplessly towards her handbag. She took out her phone to call her best friend Marie.


“I need help” she cried

“What happen?” Marie shouted anxiously

Zell could not answer. She was too weak to say another word. Her body surfaced back to the floor and the cell phone slipped from her hand. She tried her best to stay awake until her friend Marie got there. She blinked and fluttered her eyes until she couldn’t keep up any longer.


Marie rushed over to Zell’s house.

“Zell!” she screamed and looked side to side in search of Zell.

She looked over to the corner of the living room. She found Zell lying helplessly on the floor covered in blood. She hurriedly pick her up and rushed with her to the Montego bay hospital. When Zell got some strength she begged Marie not to tell her parents about what happened.

“What is it going to take for you to leave that bastard alone?” Marie shouted at her best friend Zell.

“He doesn’t care about you Zell!”

” Wake up!”

Zell Sobbed and touch her face. She knew Justin was not good for her but he is a top man, he’s handsome and she needed him to look good in the eyes of the public.

“Marie!” Zell called out to her friend who was fast asleep beside her hospital bed.

” Marie!” Zell mumbled again as she tried to bear the striking pain in her head.


” Wake up! “

Marie jumped up from her sleep. Her eyes were wide open as if she was being hypnotised. She appeared to be very tired and sleepy. She rubbed her eyes with the back of her hand and checked the time on her cell phone. It was 2:30 am in morning. She looked at Zell and pulled the chair closer to her.

” You okay?” Marie asked.

Zell nodded and scrounged up her face. She was still in pain. The morphine that she got from the doctor wasn’t much help and they made her feel light-headed.

Excerpts from ‘Till death do us part’

Copyright © Shana Ledgister (2021)

IG- ledgy_da_writer

FB- Mz S Ledgister

Full book coming soon?

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Shanika Bryan
Shanika Bryan
2 years ago

Wow!!! The story ending though I was waiting to hear if Justin would react to Marie heping Zell but the story leave me wondering.

Real life story Justin do not love Zell because no one destroy something they love. Justin is jealous over Zell because he knew that she deserve much better..