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I want to find my version of James Bond now that this latest 007 movie of No Time To Die sees him turn from macho to mushy. What are your tips to find him?

Marcia, St. Ann


Love Doctor’s Answer:

Love Doctor MontiJames Bond is a sauve sterotypical British spy, whose character tends to be overconfident without being cocky and arrogant.
As he was abandoned as a child, due to the death of his parents, then he has massive trust issues. This has resulted in Bond being a loner as he deliberately avoids lasting relationships, whether with friends or romantically.
Yet he possesses incredibly strong interpersonal skills, which he has fine-tuned to seek sexual gratification. His lone wolf persona has certainly attracted a plethora of ladies.
Being so mysterious and not allowing anyone to intrude on his working life makes Bond an enigma to women, who find this aspect extremely attractive and often results in them pursuing him to try to find out what makes him tick.
Until this latest movie, of No Time To Die, Bond would not allow his emotions to divert him from reaching his goals. He has indeed let his emotional barriers down.
His main pet hate throughout the books and films is betrayal, which is partly the reason he has constantly walked away from so many beautiful looking ladies. So ensure that you are a loyal person before chasing your own version of James Bond.
Also beware of his murderous streak that is often secretive, with his hot temper swift to flare up when he seeks revenge.
To bump into your own James Bond you need to be looking at an expert in many areas whose hobbies include driving fast cars, firing weapons, gambling at casinos and sailing the seas.
Although Bond drinks, more often than not it is usually a strong one to test his personal limits. So it is most unlikely that you will meet him in a bar.
Bond has a number of traits that suit a loving relationship which include being calm, reliable and sensible. And in this latest film he had a rarely seen sensitive aspect.
But whether you can cope with the fact that he has had literally hundreds of romantic liaisons is a matter for you to decide. At least he lives in the present rather than the past.
Bond being a passion man about everything in life points to the fact that you may not be able to maintain a long-term closeness with this type of man.
Bearing in mind some of his characteristics, which have in the latest movie seen him more respectful to the opposite sex, you now need to go and find this ideal man.
He is fiercely loyal, so expect to find him hanging out at exclusive places where he enjoys his hobbies. Bond likes structure to his life, meaning that he will be repeating his visits to a casino, country club, golf course, restaurant and the sea on a weekly basis rather than impromptu. 
My advice is to visit those places when it suits you, scan around to who fits the Bond blueprint that you are seeking and try to discreetly discover whether he is married or a player. 
Tables are now truly turned with you being the detective, in your bid to find a suitable single man.
Once you unearth which man to meet organically then you should be like Bond himself and be sly. You need to either get introduced to the one that has caught your eye or make a subtle move by “accidentally” physically bumping into him or standing near and getting into his peripheral vision.
Meeting organically, as far as he is concerned, is better than directness.
If a potential romantic relationship is welcomed by him then play it cool and let love slowly flourish.
Relationships that start off swiftly tend to end quickly, whereas meaningful partnerships tend to be slow burners from the start.
As Bond has shown in this latest movie that he is more humane and caring, no longer a womaniser, then he possesses all the ingredients for a successful long-term relationship.
Love is complex. But for true love to be complete requires for the couple to be involved affectionately, romantically and physically. If a Bond-type man can offer you these then the passion between the two of you can be long lasting.

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