Hubris And A TITANIC Inferno-Fatally Flawed Reasoning

Startled, you awake from your dream depicting a magnificently constructed house in Jamaica, awash with all the bells and whistles, majestically located, overlooking the idyllic, peaceful Caribbean Sea, that was quickly engulfed by a rapidly spreading, near inferno.

Confounded observers

Awe struck, bewildered neighbours, with two and three cell phones in hand, insisted on calling the fire brigade to assist with extinguishing the blaze. The owners of the house made no attempt to use the available, strategically placed, garden hoses surrounding the threatened structure for this exact eventuality, at the fire’s infancy.

The concerned neighbours were hankering to use those hoses, buckets filled with water, any available option, to put out the flames. However they reluctantly acquiesced to the bizarre demands of the calm owners.


Pristine maintenance all for nought

This house was perfectly built to the most stringent specifications. Up to the moment the fire started it was fully maintained by highly skilled, dependable, efficient, and honest workers who were at ease with their craft. It was flawless, functioning perfectly and delighted every whim. Inviting kitchens, well decorated bedrooms, pleasing hot tubs, fancy-electronically controlled showers, yes indeed, an endless list of specifically designed, highly thought-out inclusions to gratify ones every imagination. A masterpiece, this house was truly and rightly coveted.

A tragic comparison

Like the pre COVID-19 vegetarian nurtured, exercise sculptured, sleep indulged, healthy body with its perfect immunity this structure though in imminent danger could not be defiled by human intervention. Any attempt to put the fire out would be akin to insulting the frolickers who perished on the invincible TITANIC.

Like a statue-fixed in time

For some construction, inflexibly nourishing an established belief in the face of clear advancement in knowledge, and avidly adhering to the false, fixed beliefs is paramount. Surprisingly though, if reports by historians are accurate the rivalrous on the TITANIC, in a moment of reality acknowledged their fate by singing “nearer my God to thee, nearer to thee”, as the invincible ocean liner irrevocably disappeared into the abyss.

An irresistible awakening is coming


At some point many in Jamaica will fully recognise this COVID-19 pandemic is the country’s TITANIC moment, like a prized house, or valuable life threatened by fire. And needing immediate prudent action despite the relevant confounders including previous lifestyle, diet, medical comorbidities, and the avalanche of available false information being disseminated on social media.

Di corner-man, hustler, taximan, nurse, Mr driva, yes all and sundry will begin to see the light for himself or har self. They will eventually accept the wisdom of protecting dem selves, dem friends, dem colleagues, and dem family from the ravages of COVID-19. They will soon demand answers from the misguided hucksters masquerading as minsters of religion or pastors who direct them not to maximally benefit for immunisation against COVID-19.

With great fervour and a thumping, convincing voice the typical pastor usually insists “now that you have heard this life saving word, haaden not you hart”, and warn “this may be di last opportunity to accept salvation” so “come now, don’t delay”. In this dangerous COVID-19 time said pastors are proclaiming they need more time to research and decide on the safety of the COVID-19 vaccines. The overwhelming available evidence confirms the vaccines are lifesaving, safe and effective.

Positive impact but Jamaican trickery and Bro Anancy still alive and well

Once the Jamaican government expands the options for vaccine delivery, including allowing citizens to be secretly immunised, there will be a major uptake in vaccine acceptance. After being vaccinated expect the reluctant but now rightly vaccinated to yet proclaim loudly to all who wi listen, “yu si mi, mi nah tek no vaccine, me ha fi ded fuss”. Bro Anacy style is still truly alive in 2021 Jamaica.

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