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Love Doctor MontiQuestion:

When lockdown restrictions are over will tourists be looking for love in Jamaica again? I am really missing these tourists and plan to one day bag myself a visitor, who is going to pack me with his bags.

I’m one big mama with one big appetite, and I need to flirt again in Montego Bay and Ocho Rios.


I’ve tried for almost eight years to find Mr Right on vacation on this island. What am I doing wrong when I’m curvy, sexy and don’t have a type?

Brianna, Jamaica

Love Doctor’s Answer:

You have the advantage of drop-dead gorgeous settings in the shape of those tourist trap resorts of Montego Bay and Ocho Rios, so take heart from that.

Your desire to meet a tourist to whisk you away has been simmering for eight long years, but has yet to reach boiling point. Although you deem yourself “curvy and sexy”, maybe you need to perhaps hold back your intensity when you meet single men.

If you’re rushing a new relationship, when these men are here to chill out, it could all result in a disaster. Remember that in potential relationships, the more someone chases then the faster the other person could run.

You need to be on the same wavelength and take things slowly, because speeding things up romantically will feel like much more like lust or infatuation rather than love to at least one of you.

Obviously this coronavirus pandemic, which has accounted for a little over a thousand deaths in Jamaica, and the social distancing restrictions has left you frustrated with your usual flirting skills.


Even though those beach resorts you mention lie just over 50 miles apart, I would hazard a guess that you live between these two towns, both offer a gorgeous backdrop to a dreamy experience for falling in love with a stranger.

As many solo travellers desire a holiday romance once they have booked their trip, this is often a dream that the majority do not actually want. Yet on their return home there is bound to be some peer pressure when they will be constantly asked “Did you meet anyone special?”

Adventure and romance often do go hand in hand, and such a perfect location as the sun-soaked island of the sweet cold breeze is for many a holiday of a lifetime.

Yet solo travellers can find a new environment challenging, and at times lonely, although your advantage is that Jamaicans are naturally friendly. With incredible beaches, delicious cuisine, enticing music venues, vibrant nightlife, top class hotels and of course the naturally chilled out vibe then you have all the ingredients as the ideal place to get out there and meet new people.

In a country as compact as Jamaica, even between these spectacular resorts, it’s going to be difficult for you to avoid running into the same gorgeous locals time after time. So maybe you should be seeking to find romance with a familiar face rather than a tourist.

What is driving you towards a tourist? If it is an escape route from Jamaica then you are maybe appearing to reek of desperation to these men you have met over the past eight years. I suggest that you play your cards closer to your chest and remain more mysterious to any potential suitors, because if they feel you only want them as a ticket out of the Caribbean then the alarm bells will be ringing.

If you head to the public beaches in MoBay and Ochi then you can strike up a conversation with both sun-kissed tourists and locals.

My advice is, that as a typical friendly Jamaican seeking a romantic encounter, you should offer to be a personal tour guide to any single tourists that you like the look of and could envisage being in a meaningful relationship with.

Having virtually infinite features to explore across the island, you have the knowledge and freedom to go where and when you so desire and can show off some lesser-known destinations to try and make a good impression.


Alternatively you could try picking out a charming bar or find somewhere to enjoy some traditional food as you take in views of these resorts by night, which will offer a more laid-back vibe than during the day. Then romance could be on the menu as well as some Jamaican delicacies in the blink of an eye.

For many single men from outside the Caribbean you will appear as exotic as their choice of vacation destination. But I urge you to curb your enthusiasm for swiftly devouring these singletons, instead slow things down so that you can help them enjoy what may be a once in a lifetime experience should Cupid strike for you both.

But my final piece of advice is – regardless of whether you a tourist or a local who catches your eye – you should aim to surround yourself with people who make you hungry for life, nourish your soul and touch your heart.

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