St. Valentine’s Day 2021 | Love Doctor Monti’s Suggestions

Love Doctor Monti

Love may be in the air with St. Valentine’s Day fast approaching, but the most romantic day of 2021 is not going to be the same with social distancing because of the coronavirus crisis.

Yet the annual fear of rejection remains, and to make matters worse the face-to-face flirting where body language can be read is out of the question – especially with the curfew across the island.

So what can singletons do to try to discover whether the true flame of love burns brightly for someone they care about?

As it is bad luck to sign a Valentine’s Day card, much the same as a groom seeing his potential bride in her dress before their wedding, then the mystery this year of who the secret admirer is could be remarkably tricky to work out.


If you have a crush on someone at least February 14 offers the perfect opportunity to express to that seemingly special someone that you have feelings about them.

Ever since Henry VII declared Valentine’s Day in 1537 there’s been endless cases of unrequited love and people treading a fine line between admiration and desire, which has made some individuals feel uncomfortable as there can be infatuation.

But if it is genuine affection and fondness, then the final reward of being in love can become all that more special if you learn that the person you yearn after for a potential relationship is romantically interested in you.

With hugs impossible in person, the best bet is to consider sending virtual gifts.

On top of arranging (via various websites) to send an anonymous card, email or text message to express your amorousness, why not send your crush an invite for the two of you to go on a virtual trip or tour to such romantic destinations as Paris and Venice. It is simple enough to arrange a YouTube link to be sent so that you can experience the rendezvous simultaneously and chat afterwards.

For those who fancy a video date with a difference, if you know where he/she lives then maybe arrange a bottle or two of their favourite tipple to be delivered with an unsigned note that includes a time that you’ll make contact. There’s so many video apps to choose to use so surprise your blind date.

If you are feeling really adventurous and determined to win over your potential partner’s heart then food could be your solution. Arrange for the ingredients (and a bottle – either alcoholic or non-alcoholic) to be sent to his/her abode, with a mysterious note suggesting what time you want to get things sizzling by each cooking the same meal over a video call followed by then wining and dining together from a distance.


Food, especially sugary treats, are truly the way to the heart for many. So if cooking could be a step too far, then a fancy tin of biscuits or some luxury chocolates are likely to be well received. Just ensure that the ingredients are suitable for those with nut allergies if you don’t really know this person that well.

Ordering a movie, whether on one of the TV platforms or by sending a DVD, is a romantic gesture. You can suggest watching it at the same time, but don’t forget that during the film to send sweet texts about it to engage. Some suggested titles are the rom-coms Isn’t It Romantic and Love Actually as well as classic romances such as Gone With The Wind and Roman Holiday.

A trio of other playful gestures to maybe order for an ideal mysterious gift are a photo frame (on Valentine’s Day you can send a photo via your mobile phone to suggest using this image), a paperback book (whose title or storyline indicates a clue about who ordered this) and a scent with the simple unsigned message of ‘Love Is In The Air’.

For those more traditional individuals maybe send a cardless bouquet of roses – has to be those as it was the flower of choice for Venus, the goddess of love.

It is vital to stay mysterious, and a perfect note to add to keep a potential romantic liaison intrigued is to scribe ‘Roses are red, carnations are white, do you fancy a virtual date this Sunday night?’

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