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I’ve got a dilemma because with the coronavirus crisis it has got me thinking.

Love Doctor MontiHow do I really know deep down that the person that I am in love with is the one for me?


Love Doctor’s Answer 

The majority of single people want to find the love of their life, and once they enter a romantic relationship often have a very idealised love. Yet this can come crashing down because one of the partners wants things to move along quicker than the other, or the rose-tinted glasses suddenly vanish.

Individuals all crave to find someone who loves and respects us, ideally finding a relationship where there are zero doubts. By you asking this question of whether he is the one for you shows there must be an element of doubt.

This is because in every relationship there are always differences of opinion and ultimately problems. These are usually caused by frustration, such as lack of intimacy, and/or situations that are causing hurt to one or both of you.

When you two do have issues and fight, if you are arguing to make progress rather than to win then you two are going in the right direction as a couple.

Do not make the mistake that for him to be your perfect partner that all you need is love. A lasting romantic relationship on the menu needs to have plenty of the right ingredients such as good communication and no deceit.

Sprinkling sincerity and understanding are vital elements to helping create the perfect dish of love, so hopefully you two have these in large bundles.


My advice is to ensure that both of you have the same relationship, in other words please ensure that there isn’t one who gives more than the other so that you are the dream team rather than two individuals striving for different goals.

If you tick all of these boxes mentioned then you two will be on the road to long-term happiness, because the best romantic partners are those who actually want to be in a relationship for the right reasons.

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