I Know Nothing Except To Know I Am Ignorant

Yesterday I had reason to leave my home and venture into the #QuantumZone.

That’s the new name I give to anywhere outside my home. Getting dressed for the Zone is different these days, it used to be a choice between shoes or slippers, now its which #FaceMask do I wear.

As I was driving watching the cars speed by fewer cars were evident. Yes, this is always good but today was a Friday and nothing ever is good on a Friday.

I arrived at my destination, the supermarket, and stopped for a minute to take in what has become a #NewNormal; people everywhere in face masks, including the soldiers, armed and ready for an impromptu disturbance.


People, as different as they are, so too were their masks; some medical, some designer made, some sterile and others, well let’s just say they tied a cloth around their nose, mouth exposed nonetheless. Protection? What protection?

Everywhere life had changed. I felt like I was living in the movie “Contagion”. Everyone, including myself, looked liked aliens. You know people are talking as you hear vocal sounds but their voices were muffled.

Bumping elbows became the greeting mode. It’s unusual to go to the supermarket without being acknowledged by someone but the mask had its benefits as you could hide in plain sight, walking past your friend or creditor conspicuously hidden.

It was approximately 2pm, curfew begins at 6pm and I couldn’t help thinking that everyone there was probably wondering the same thing –  why didn’t I come earlier to avoid the lines?

Look at what we were reduced to! Humans wearing masks, forced to be silent, told to stand 6 feet apart, accepting squirts of whatever it is they say it is on your hands. Get in your car, hit the gas and go home.

It’s like living being in a Hollywood movie, but this real life. I know nothing except to know I am ignorant proclaimed Socrates and today I can quote those words. What do we know except to know nothing.

The more information is circulated, the more we know, we know very little. What we can do is THINK as we go and as we understand a question thrown in the melee of this #CovidCrisis, that is half the answer.


Kwesi © April 2020. All Rights Reserved.

Written by Paul Tomlinson (c) – Check out his website HERE

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