Five Incredible Unknown Waterfalls in Jamaica

Reggae Falls

Located on The South-Eastern section of the island, neatly tucked away in a small village called “Hillside” St Thomas, you will find the Beautiful #Reggae Falls ( also known as Damhead).  

Reggae Falls is not today what it originally was.

In fact, the water from the Johnson River was dammed many, many years ago to make a hydro-electric station.


Despite this, it is no less spectacular than any other waterfalls on this beautiful island.

 Reggae Falls by Dean Griffiths
Reggae Falls by Dean Griffiths

Cane River Falls

Just nine miles outside Kingston you will find Bull Bay -an energetic, close-knit community, and at night, the coastline pulsates with rhythms from the various nightclubs that line the beach.

Cane River falls is hidden  in this eclectic community. It is a a local favourite and where Reggae legend Bob #Marley used to washed his beautiful locks.

Cane River Falls by Owen Soft
Cane River Falls by Owen Soft

Scatter Water Falls

Scatter waterfalls is one of the most unheard of jewels of Eastern Jamaica. Located in the small rural community of #Berrydale in the Rio Grande valley, you will this beautiful #ecotourism attraction.  At Berrydale you will meet a very friendly tour guide that will take you across the Rio Grande on a Bamboo raft to your destination.  Most of the visitors you will find at this location are locals, and #backpackers.

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Tacky Falls


Located in the eastern parish of St. Mary you will find tacky falls. This is the most non commercialized falls on the entire island and if you visit chances are you will be there alone all day. The falls is named after the #Coromantee slave Tacky, who lead the slave rebellion in 1760. There are no signs, no formal paths, and plenty of hazards on the way to even reach the pretty obscure 60m tall (or higher) waterfall. If you are interested in visiting this falls then it is best to hike with a local guide.

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Image Source:

Reach Falls

Reach Falls is located approximately 45 minutes east of Port Antonio, Portland and is named one of the most beautiful attractions in Jamaica. It  was first discovered by runaway slaves from plantations in the neighbouring parish of St Thomas who sought refuge in the hills of the John Crow Mountains

It features a natural heart-shaped #Jacuzzi which caresses every inch of your body with its cascading waters . While it is getting more and more popular, it is still relatively unknown, therefore, you can still find your escape at this magical waterfall neatly tucked away beneath the tall mystical trees of a beautiful #rainforest.

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Cyrus Cruickshank
Cyrus Cruickshank
8 years ago

Splendour and beauty of God’s creation in “immaculately beautiful” Jamaica–move on up Jamaica, you are the pearl of the Caribbean–may God continue to bless you richly.