Why More People are Playing Bingo Online

In a few short years there has been a massive increase in the number of online bingo websites and mobile apps, with the game seeing something of a resurgence after a huge decline in past decades.

While there are half the number of bingo halls there once was back when the game was at its peak popularity, bingo has been enjoying a second life in the online world, with hundreds of websites offering various types of bingo games for players.

But why exactly has this happened? Considering that bingo is traditionally played by people aged 50 and above, it seems odd that the popular game could find such a massive audience online. Let’s take a closer look at why more people are playing bingo online.

Instant Access
Online bingo is incredibly convenient. Simply download an app or search for a website and you can be playing bingo in a matter of minutes. This is quite the contrast to playing at a bingo hall, which requires you to leave the house and travel to the venue, which can take time and effort depending where you live.

With countless games available at your fingertips and the ability to play from the comfort of home, it’s no surprise online bingo has become so popular!

Play 24/7
Bingo halls have opening and closing times like any brick and mortar business but there is no such problem for online bingo sites. They operate 24/7, meaning you can play bingo at a time that suits you most, whether it’s after breakfast, before you go to bed, or staying up late on weekends.

Easy to Play
Bingo can be a surprisingly challenging game to play in person, mainly because you need to constantly be paying attention for the numbers being read out and scanning your bingo cards and marking any matching numbers.
Online bingo on the other hand is entirely automated. The numbers get called and your card is automatically filled out if you have a match, making the game that bit less stressful and even more enjoyable – you can even multitask while playing a game online!

Great Bonuses and Incentives
With hundreds of websites all vying for your money, online bingo companies like Trustedbingo are doing everything that they can to lure in new and returning customers. A common way of doing this is by providing various sign up bonuses like free games, bonus jackpots, and other prizes for players.

This is a very appealing prospect for online players, giving them the chance to play for free, win more money, and make all sorts of savings. Given all the crazy deals and offers you can find on different websites, its no surprise online bingo has become so popular!

The idea of playing a game of bingo on a phone or computer from your house doesn’t seem that social. After all, bingo halls are known to be popular places to socialise, especially amongst older players, giving people the chance to catch up and have a few drinks while playing bingo.

So, surely online bingo cannot offer the same social experience?

It certainly can! Online bingo sites double as social media platforms, with members being able to easily interact and chat away as they play. In fact, it’s even easier to socialise because you don’t need to focus too much on the game.

Online bingo chat rooms are legendary and many friendships have been forged here, with the socialising being a key aspect as to why so many players continue to come back.

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