My Interpretations For Some Popular Jamaican Sayings

1. When you lie down with dog, you get fleas. – This is the company you keep

2. Puss and dog don’t have the same luck. – Neither do you or I: Everyone’s luck is unique.

3. Fisherman neva say him fish smell stink. – None of my products do.

4. If you have a fren inna Mango Walk, you can get mango any time. – A good friend is always helpful.


5. What gone bad from morning, cyaan fix by evening – Well if the diesel broke down, hard to find the repairman.

oldest,famous,greatest proverbs6. What drop from head, drop pon shoulder. – What goes to my brother, may rub off on me.

7. New broom sweep strong, old broom know the carnas. – Corners are difficult, not for the old guy  though

8. Cockroach don business in fowl fight – Why should he? He might get ‘picked’ or swallowed.

9. Jackass say the playing field nuh level. – That is why he is a jackass.

10. Them say she caan’t mash ants, but maybe she can kill cow. One never knows about these things.

11. If  you get yuh han’ in a devil mout, micase tek it out. – If you get into trouble take the fastest way out


12. Nuh wait till drum beat before you grine you axe – No waiting for the applause

13. 29 days for the tief, one day for the policeman. – One day the police  will get you.

By Ramesh Sujanani

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Tim Fleming
8 years ago

14. Ev’ry hoe ‘ave ‘im stick a bush – There’s someone for everybody.

Middleton Lyn
8 years ago

Jackass sey di world nuh level. Opportunities are not the same for everyone.