Shaggy Shares How James Brown Inspired Him

In a recently aired interview on ORA TV, Shaggy opened up about some powerful, inspirational advice he received from the legendary American singer James Brown.

Shaggy is easily one of Jamaica’s most recognisable musicians and James Brown is widely regarded as a progenitor of funk music.

While answering questions Shaggy recalled an incident during a tour where James Brown kicked open his dressing room door saying:

“Sit down, I need to talk to you. Lemme tell you something, I been watching you every night. You’re good!”


“I’ve been to your country, been there with Marley. I rolled it up and smoked it with him, it’s great.  But you, you’re the truth cause you’re funny.”

“They can take away your house, take away your car, take away your woman, take away all your money, but there’s one thing they can never take away from you – your talent.”

“As long as you have your talent, you’re a rich man. Keep doing what you’re doing’, and God bless you.”

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