55 Percent Of Jamaicans Think Country Is Heading In Wrong Economic Direction

The majority of Jamaicans are of the view that that the country is heading in the wrong economic direction.

This is according to the most recent RJRGleaner Group Don Anderson poll.

The poll also found that another 34 per cent believes the country is heading in the right direction, while eleven per cent were unsure.

Pollster Don Anderson was recently quoted by RJR as saying:

“Whenever we ask this question, we find the majority of persons tend to say the country is going in the wrong direction. Therefore, what we take from this is the extent to which people say the country is going in the wrong direction.”

He also noted that a 55 per cent majority is lower than what is typically seen in other countries.

Fifty-nine per cent of the poll’s respondents were of the view that their personal economic situation has not improved in the last two years.

The poll  has a margin of error of plus or minus three per cent and was conducted between February 22 to 26 using a sample of 1,074 people islandwide.

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