Is There A Serial Killer Targeting Women In St Catherine?

Yes. I think so. Ariel Lawrence, 17, was found dead in Portmore with 2 bullet wounds to the head.

She was found on George Lee Boulevard in Portmore, St Catherine, shortly after cell phone communication indicated that she had suspicion about a taxi in which she was traveling.

Lawrence had visited a friend in Portmore, after which she boarded a taxi for home. Shortly after 1:00 a.m., her body was found along the roadway.

Police reported that after boarding the taxi, Lawrence sent a message by telephone to a friend, indicating that she had issues in the vehicle.


Police have been warning commuters about a series of abductions being perpetrated by men posing as taxi operators, especially in the Corporate Area and Portmore.

This is the THIRD incident that I have seen this month in the same area, two other women escaped. Earlier this year women were turning up missing or dead after boarding a taxi and no one got arrested. The abduction/killing stopped but started up again. There should be a manhunt or undercover police officers on the route until the killer is caught. When there’s a PATTERN of murder, with the same target – women in this case, it’s oftentimes an indication that the same person is committing the crime.

I would advise Jamaican women to start taking a photo of the license plate and send it to a relative before taking off in a taxi. It might not save every single life before the killer is caught, but eventually he will.

By Natalee Stack
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