“Machete Mom” Is A Demonstration Of A Larger Problem In Jamaica

A video showing a mother using a machete to brutally beat her daughter has been circulating via social media platforms in recent days, and all I can hear is, “she was wrong but let’s try and understand her frustration.”

Sometimes I wonder weh we really tek children for. Had she done that to someone that is not her kin we would want her arrested. But because she did it to her offspring we should ‘see with her’?

That level of “frustration” had little to do with the child. To go to that degree suggests that she has a lot more rage pent up inside of her.

I can’t speak for the lady in the video but oftentimes women in Jamaica are overwhelmed by their decision to continue having children and end up being left alone to raise them in unfavorable  conditions.

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“Mi tired a unu.” Some parents have a tendency to take out their problems on kids by beating them senseless. This should never happen.

The violence that plagues our society in part stems from actions like what the mom demonstrated in the video. We tend respond to everything in a violent manner.

She could very well have killed the child. And if that had happened, everyone would come down on her. I heard that there’s supposedly a tape of the child speaking inappropriately to a man. But only the mom and child can confirm that so I won’t comment on it.

But even if true, we cannot treat children like adults. They are not yet fully developed mentally as is oftentimes evidenced by their decision making. When things like this happen, the appropriate response is to get the police involved and set strict boundaries at home and counsel the child. There is zero justification for the mom’s behavior. She is violent and has issues of her own. She doesn’t need to be around children until she gets some psychological treatment.

Jamaica is in trouble. The child advocates and politicians need to look at our history and where we are today as a people. They need a Nuclear Family Initiative to encourage adults to raise FAMILIES. This style of impregnating women and disappearing like a thief in the night is detrimental to our society.

It is sad, really. Why can’t we get past this? Everywhere you look women are raising kids alone. Etiher the father either walked out, is imprisoned or has migrated. God bless the moms that raise kids alone and they turn out fine.

By Natalee Stack

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