Import Wisely – Don’t Blame The Customs Officers!

There’s currently a video circulating on various social media platforms of a lady accusing customs officers at the ports of thievery, because she was charged $JM90,000 (about $USD750) for clearing 3 barrels.

But persons clearly need to be better informed when importing things into the country. When you are sending home a barrel for yourself or family, the shipping agency abroad should tell you to declare your stuff at the airport.

On arrival, Customs will ask if you are bringing anything into the country to be cleared LATER. You say yes, and they will give you a YELLOW FORM to take to the port which gives you a $USD 500 allowance if you are not importing things to sell. During the video, the lady showed no evidence of producing the yellow form.

Secondly, if you don’t know the rules and something seems off, don’t take out your phone and start recording in a bid to cause a scene.


Ask the appropriate questions of the appropriate people and maybe you can learn something and get some help. If you’re not getting any justice then by all means show them up.

Thirdly, do not go there being rude because you ‘step offa ice with 2 barrel’. ‘Who nuh go farin and carry home barrel nuh born yet’. 

Finally, if you leave all the tags on the items to show price and brand, and you have no yellow form to show, especially if you have hardly any food items, customs can assume that your items are for sale and charge you accordingly.

Be smart and humble, not ignorant and ‘hype’. If you can’t pay to bring things into the country, pick and chose WHAT to import. Keep in mind that the allowance only covers $USD500 worth of goods.

Plane arriving at Sangster Int’l airport – File Photo

By Natalee Stack

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