Wake up Jamaica!

This cannot be happening. I am in a state of shock!

The Opposition needs to file for an injunction post haste to cripple the hands of this cruel composite of criminals trying to send us back into the 60s…….

Credit report for poor people to benefit from low cost housing?

The next thing we are going to hear is that the “no bastard no deh again” legislation is being repealed in likewise Nicodemus fashion….and then God help us because roughly two thirds of Jamaicans are born out of wedlock.


What a wicked, heartless set of parasites we seem to have at the moment in Jamaica House!

I don’t know where the Koromanti blood in Jamaicans has disappeared to.

Screenshot via Youtube

Looks like ‘it peter out’ to nothing. Not even Independence celebrations can bring out a smile on the people’s faces.

How them just siddung so and taking all of this like they are on life support?

The government regime that was actively working on their behalf and showing progress, which is what really leads to true prosperity by the way,…they had a whole heap of strength, power and a whole heap of disrespectful and colourful words to kick them and their leader around like footballs and out of office. Who’s sorry now?

Now that they are really, really suffering under this regime, deceptively disguised in the green garb of Robin Hoods, and who reversed their intended role of robbing the rich to help the poor….Jamaicans ‘siddung’ on their hands bawling and long dung dem jaw, yet allowing these wicked deceivers and manipulators to wipe their posteriors with them, while worms scrape and struggle to eke out an existence in the belly bottoms of them and their children.

Dem an dem pikny belly bottom no have nutten in there for even worms to survive on!


And now they have earmarked NHT and have beady eyes for the rooves over poor people’s heads?

Oh Lord….NO!

No man!!……..Paul Bogle and the likes must have turned over on their faces in the grave.

These dead Jamaicans maybe want to die again the way they are ashamed and hurting.

Are we really emancipated? I don’t think our minds are yet.

Maybe Emancipation Day is a holiday we should scrap for the time being because this generation just does not seem to have bought into it. They don’t seem to understand what fighting for freedom and social justice is all about. As a people we have laid down arms and become insipid and uninspired.

As a people we have allowed some legal pickpockets in high office to be pushing us backward into renewed servitude.

WAKE UP JAMAICA! People power is everything!

By Ava Ramdeen – a former staff writer and subeditor of The Daily Gleaner ,The Jamaica Daily News, and Caribbean Life News in New York, as well as Managing Editor of the Caribbean Media Network 1995. Email feedback to [email protected] and [email protected]


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