This is Not Crime, They Have Declared War on the Jamaican State

This is Not Crime, They Have Declared War on the Jamaican State

Admit it or chose to cover it up, but there is one truth that cannot be denied, Jamaica is on a collision course with anarchy. Anarchy is a precursor to, and an advanced component of a failed state.

Anarchy is a precursor to, and an advanced component of a failed state.


Now, let me be real clear for the faux patriots who believe that pointing out what ails our country is tantamount to airing dirty linen in public.

If you believe sweeping the dirt under the rug means you have a clean house that’s on you.
It’s just not a theory to which I subscribe.

Those who make those arguments are comparable to a man who regularly steps in feces but has become so accustomed to the stench he can no longer smell it.

A policeman places markers at a crime scene – Image via

In the course of just this week there have been reported high profile kidnappings, the murder of a police officer and even the use of grenades in response to attempts by law enforcement to arrest alleged murderers.

This is not business as usual!

This means that the stakes have been raised and they haven’t been raised by the Government.

Not only are they killing our police officers with high powered weapons, we have a Government agency whose sole mandate is seemingly to seek to imprison officers who fight back using their weapons. We now have the criminal underworld lobbing grenades at our police officers, and the Government is deathly silent.


This is an alarming escalation in the war against the rule of law. 

As our police officers are wounded and murdered with high powered weapons and other weapons which belong only on battlefields, the inept Government continues to pretend that the platitudes it has uttered thus far since taking office are enough to divert the people from the stark reality that it, in my opinion, came to office with no desire to do anything thing about crime.

In the meantime I am yet to hear of a corresponding press conference from Terrence Williams.

Those of you who are clear eyed about contemporary events will recall that it was just two weeks ago that Terrence Williams called a Press Conference at his Dumfies Road Office to lament the fact that police shootings had gone up for January/February over the corresponding period of the past year.

What he never bothered telling reporters at the time was that, not only had killings and other crimes increased but that none of the killings by officers were deemed to be bad shootings. Remember, it is Williams’ own Agency – INDECOM which is tasked with investigating all police shootings.

Since his office found no wrongdoing in the shootings what was the purpose of his press conference except to seemingly smear the JCF and gin up animosity against the police?’

Notice how silent he is with the death of these officers?
Notice how silent the government and opposition are as well?
Had terrorists used live grenades against police officers in any other country it would have been huge news.

Things would come to a halt. There would have been a joint statement of support for the security forces. Parliament would have been united against the forces of anarchy.

The British Parliament was united in the support for their country and their police officers against a single terrorist who used a knife and a vehicle to kill.

In Jamaica our officers are injured and slaughtered using battlefield weapons and it’s business as usual.


Smart people must now come to recognize that their Government seemingly does not care how many of them are killed. 

The Jamaican people must decide whether they want INDECOM to remain while their sons daughters mothers and wives are raped and murdered.

It’s up to the people to decide whether this Government is serious about removing this dangerous scourge of crime and terror which is threatening to destroy them all.

By Mike Beckles – Check out his blog HERE

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