Why are Jamaicans so Accepting of Barbaric Behaviour?

I’m going to say something, and right now I do not care who gets upset.

Last year when the two US missionaries were viciously murdered in Jamaica, CNN made a statement that Jamaica is an “extremely violent country.”

Many people were offended, but these same people don’t seem so offended when Jamaican women and children are murdered at the rate that we’re going.

I just saw the picture of a 15-year-old girl who was raped and murdered on her way from a friend’s funeral, and let me tell you, we have some of the most psychopathic/sadistic men in our society.


The nature of their crime is unspeakable!

Say what you want about America, we have some very irrational people among us as we can see with the nomination of Trump, but when the going gets tough, Americans get out there and demonstrate.

Every day since Trump’s inauguration there has been a demonstration somewhere in the U.S. which sends a strong message that we are not satisfied.

Why aren’t Jamaicans in the streets protesting and appealing to the government to take action on crime, and the slaughter of our children?

Now I don’t want anybody to tell me that the government can’t fix crime. They used their own mouths to say they have a solution to fix it!

A policeman places markers at a crime scene – Image via

The government KNOWS they have a responsibility to HELP protect their people. Everyday they have a “crime plan” that can’t be put into motion.

When you say that the government can’t fix crime, you either do not understand the role of government or have mediocre/low expectations of your government.

Jamaica is a gem, no one can take that away from her, but lately, her beauty comes with pain, especially for our women and children.

The government is failing to help protect our kids. Parents can only do so much to protect their children. They can’t keep children in the house 24/7.

What are we, as a people going to do to send a message to the prime minister that he needs to do better? #howmanymore !

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