Great Outcry

I lend my voice to the great outcry.

For our women and children, against those causing them to die.

Lets oppose the brutality that’s being portrayed.

And those who facilitate them, abet and aid.


They seem to be possessed by evil personified.

Or an overdose of narcotics that leaves them modified.

However you see it, this must be brought to a halt.

If you have information and keep quiet it’s also your fault.

And it’s  just a matter of time before you get caught in that net.

Where someone you know or you, are faced with that threat.

Rise up and take action, and/or get on your knees.


Do not be overwhelmed so you’re petrified and freeze.

We can ask the Great I Am to intervene.

But we are His hands so let’s work as a team.

To stamp out the evil in Jamaica land we love.

Let’s build our country, put on the hard hats and the gloves.

Rohan Goldsmith © 9/2/17


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