Justice For the Poor in Jamaica is a Farce

According to the news, the prosecutor in the case against Patrick Powell who was a suspect in the shooting death of young Khajeel Mais on July 1, 2011, could not prove that Powell was present when the young man was shot.

From day one this case spoke VOLUMES.

My questions to the prosecution are:

A. Why was the journalist who interviewed the taxi driver on Wednesday the 13th of July, twelve days after the incident not issued a subpoena to be present in court to answer questions regarding the statement made to the journalist by the driver of the taxi in which young Mais was a passenger? (It was then reported that Powell was the one who fired the shots after his vehicle was scraped by the taxi driver).

B. When Powell REFUSED to turn over his gun to the police, why again was a subpoena not ordered from a judge for him to do so?

C. Why did Powell leave the country after the incident?

D. Why after leaving the country and following his return to Jamaica and his arrest was he GRANTED BAIL?

E. Why was the main witness and his family not offered some kind of protection following reports that he feared for his life?

F. Is this considered justice, and what message does it send to Jamaicans on a whole?

Today I cannot imagine the pain and grief felt by the family of young Mais for having to sit in court while his reputation was being tarnished. 

And after five years of waiting, they have not received any form of justice whatsoever.

If the young man was the son of the “elite”  would his murder have been treated in this MANNER?

Is this what JUSTICE will continue to look like for POOR JAMAICANS?


Khajeel Mais via
Khajeel Mais via

By Michelle Bradshaw

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