(VIDEO) Elated Reggae Boyz Pose With Their Shiny Cup After Victory Over Chile

On Friday, May 27, Jamaica’s Reggae Boyz made history when they defeated a CONMEBOL team on South American soil for the very first time.

Ahead of their clash with South American Champions Chile,  the internet was awash with dire predictions for Jamaica.

In several football forums, the general consensus seemed to be that the best case scenario for Jamaica would be an ‘honourable’ loss by a two goal margin or less.

Jamaica’s Reggae Boyz however apparently failed to read the script that was written for them and earned themselves a well deserved 2-1 victory over the Chileans.


The Reggae Boyz, under the tutelage of Winfried “Winnie” Schäfer finished second in last year’s CONCACAF Gold Cup tournament, losing only their final game to Mexico.

They also for the very first time defeated the United States on their home soil in the semi-final of said tournament.

Jamaica is currently the 55th best team in the world according to FIFA’s latest rankings, while Chile is third.

Chile won last year’s edition of the Copa America tournament when they defeated Argentina in the finals via a penalty shootout.

Following their impressive victory over Chile, the Reggae Boyz won the Chile VS Jamaica cup which signifies the winner between the Champions of Caribbean and Champions of South America.

Of course the ‘Boyz’ had a little celebration afterwards:

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