Dahlia Harris Resigns as Director of Culture in the Education Ministry After Two Weeks

Noted media personality Dahlia Harris has resigned as Director of Culture in Education within the Ministry of Education, Youth and Information.

Her resignation comes just two weeks after her appointment, which took place on March 3.

A statement confirming her resignation was released by the Ministry of Education:


“The Ministry of Education, Youth and Information today received a letter of resignation from Ms Dahlia Harris, who was contracted on  March 3, 2016 to work with the Ministry’s Culture in Education Programme, which includes the promotion of Civics, Citizenship and Entrepreneurship within the Arts,” the ministry said.

“The reasons for Ms Harris’ resignation are private and confidential.”

But Harris also shared a statement via social media:

“My resignation is driven from a position of Jamaica first. It is contemptible to observe the defamatory statements being hurled at me in the public sphere, at both the personal and professional levels. My resignation is not however out of an effort to protect myself, it is out of the need to preserve the efforts of the Culture in Education programme and its value to the society.”

She also stated:

“I am not prepared to remain at the Ministry at the expense of the well being of my coworkers.”

Dahlia Harris via jis.gov.jm
Dahlia Harris via jis.gov.jm

Former Information Minister Sandrea Falconer has publicly voiced her feelings on Harris’ resignation.


She posted the following via Facebook:

“I am so very sorry that you have been caught up in tribal and nasty politics. I am so sorry attempts have been made to embarrass you and that you have been thrown into the middle of dirty politics. I have known you for over 20 years from JBC and you are a decent human being and a professional. Hold your head high. God hates ugly”.

In 2013 Harris was appointed Principal Director of Culture in the Ministry of  Youth and Culture but was dismissed after serving less than a year in September 2014.

Following her dismissal, she sought the intervention of  the Jamaica Civil Service Association (JCSA) however when her case was presented to the local Privy Council, the matter was dismissed.

Source: Jamaica Star

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