Where Does the JLP Go in the Event of a February 25th Loss?

I shudder to think through this question but it’s a question that needs asking and even though many of my friends may be mad at me I have decided to ask it anyway.

What happens on February 25th if the Simpson Miller PNP is returned to power?

How would the JLP present itself going forward?


Would it conclude that the Jamaican people are unwilling to make the necessary adjustments from a dependent electorate to one which embraces the exciting challenges of a free people tethered to the concept of the free market?

Does it lower its collective head in defeat, giving in to the narrative that Jamaica is PNP Country? Does a defeated JLP conclude that the Jamaican electorate is too far gone to be re-routed in its’ thinking?

JLP conference in 2011 via jamacia-gleaner.com
JLP conference in 2011 via jamacia-gleaner.com

Does the JLP look at itself and try to figure out how come it has failed to communicate it’s message of prosperity to a generation weaned on the belief that Government is its benefactor? All of these are critical questions to consider in understanding why a failed administration would have been seen as a better alternative to the party of prosperity and growth? What would the JLP do in it’s role as Constitutional opposition, after all 5 years is a very long time?

Does the Party give up on the people ? Does the party conclude that the electorate is simply not sophisticated enough to understand what’s best for it ?

Or does it throw out the play-book and dive in as the PNP has done, to hell with a growth agenda, let’s win elections? It’s important that these issue are given sound consideration by the party after all in a Democracy parties may be powerful but come election day the people hold the power.

Let’s chew on these possibilities and ponder the consequences when we talk about the two parties are the same or I’m not voting.

If you think Jamaica is transformed now allow the PNP to have another 5 years and you can kiss the country we all know and love goodbye.


By Mike Beckles – Check out his blog HERE

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