‘Side-Chick’ Milk

So as I scrolled through Facebook recently, I stumbled upon an article from the Jamaica Star about popular media personality, Amelia Sewell, more commonly known as  ‘Milk”who proudly confessed to being a former ‘SIDE CHICK’ in Bounty Killa’s life for years.

Now to the main issue, any woman who is so proud of being a side chick is seriously lacking in morals and values.

Child when you are a side chick the man is telling you a couple things:

A. You are only good for one thing, spreading your legs when he needs a place to put his penis.


B. You are not good enough to be HIS WOMAN.

C. He PROBABLY views you as a worn out mattress, not fit to be placed on the bed anymore, so he either dumps you in the garbage or places you in the basement where he might glance at you from time to time.

D. And just like a spare tyre you only get used when he has a flat, or when he needs a quick release.

Now for this girl to proudly admit that she was a ‘side CHICK’ for so many years, proves to me that for some reason she could not get a man of her own, and being the ‘KILLA’ that he is, I am sure that vagina might need serious resuscitation before it can function again.

So Ms.Milk, woman to woman I suggest you check yourself and understand that as a side chick you are nothing, and you only demean your womanhood when you allow a man to treat you in that manner.

It is not something to be proud of. 

Screenshot via The Saudicka Diaram Show - TVJ
Screenshot via The Saudicka Diaram Show – TVJ

Michelle Bradshaw


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