Well Done Julian Robinson

Let me leave this right here: Minister Julian Robinson’s attempt to bring some kind of civility to how Jamaicans write on social media has been met with all kinds of criticism. 

Some are saying the PNP is trying to muzzle opinions, while others are saying they have the right to freedom of speech.

I commend Minister Robinson for this stance because it has long been overdue. The nastiness and vitriol that has been coming from some of these forums where people are slandered, and maligned has seriously gotten out of hand.

One  particular forum about politics is run by an American with no CITIZENSHIP or VOTE in JAMAICA but is all up in Jamaica’s business. 


The comments made there speak volumes about the level of ignorance, illiteracy and nastiness displayed by Jamaicans towards their fellow people, and is endorsed by those who CLAIM TO KNOW BETTER.

via jamaica-gleaner.com
via jamaica-gleaner.com

What is sad is to see sitting MP’S in that very same forum say nothing about it. Not one of them has the class, character or decorum to tell these persons that as Jamaicans they should do better.

Of course because of the high levels of IGNORANCE and ILLITERACY, Minister Robinson will come under attack for taking this well needed stance.

While the same individuals have yet to understand that is is because of their nastiness and their vitriol why this stance had to be taken in the first place.

It is sad that grown people treat each other like this. I saw a meme of Lisa Hanna which was posted in that very same ‘political’ forum yesterday, and the headline along with the comments truly disgusted me.

These persons have neither class or character, so I say good job Minister Robinson. If these people are not mature enough to share their opinions responsibly then by God police them if you must.

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