Only Jamaicans Can Fix Jamaica

Jamaica saw nearly 1200 murders for the year of 2015.

As the new year  approaches I pray that as a people we will begin to understand that crime and violence is not about the PNP or the JLP.


As a country we need to get to the point where we understand that statistics such as this speak volumes to the rest of the world about who we are. Much work needs to be done and it will take each and every one of us who truly love our country to do it.


To those who lost loved ones through VIOLENCE or ILLNESS during 2015 I offer my condolences.

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We need to get our act together as a country and as a people and truly understand that political division does nothing to uplift or elevate us as a country. It is our duty as Jamaicans to understand that we deserve better, and as such the only road to that destination is UNITY.

I pray that 2016 will bring us PEACE and UNITY. I pray that those hellbent on destroying us as a people will wake up and see that destruction is never a solution.

To the Prime Minister of Jamaica the Right Honourable Portia Simpson Miller, I pray for your good health and prosperity.

To the Leader of the Opposition Mr. Andrew Holness, I pray for you the same.

I also pray that both of you will understand that Jamaica and it’s people are bigger than both of you, and the time has come for you both to preach peace to the people and help to distill this pall of madness that has taken over.

Let us now go forth with God and endeavour to be better, love more, and remember that each act of kindness is a footprint that will last for a lifetime.



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