Out Ah Many, One Wah? Jamaica’s National Poem

Rodney S. O. Campbell ©

Out ah many, one wah?
One people? No sah,
Most church per square mile, in politicians we trust,
We filled with pride, but why not disgust?
Independent and free, no longer the slaves,
We build more prisons and dig more graves,
I speak my mind, nah beg nuh pardon,
Sixty three people alone have house Gordon?
Out ah many wah?

Government giving out tablets, what a pill to swallow,
Empty promises deep, reality follow, spin bowl shallow,
We don’t like poverty, but we love the poor,
Until the day they show up at the door,
We eat the most chicken, can’t find the cure,
The Dr confused, sound dunce, unsure,
Overpaid officials, underpaid staff,
Things so bad, but we still haffi laugh,
Out ah many wah?

If you lucky out ah brukniss yuh bruk,
Five time ah day money gone yuh get f..k,
Politics, oral seduction, salary deduction,
Social reduction, country in a suction,
Flexi rape try a flexi escape, but we play di tape,
Oversized suit and can’t speak the truth,
Government sell anything even Dunn’s River Falls,
Sector might be private without the public balls,
Out ah many wah?


poemsPoliticians get fatter, pants waist dem get wide,
IMF own Jamaica, debt and the dollar ah slide,
Watchdog sleeping we can’t believe the media,
Park encyclopedia, pure Google and Wikipedia,
We chained and restrained by black slavemasters,
A curse and worse than all natural disasters,
Many fear the police, we can’t trust the pastors,
Cuts, chops, benefit axes, still pay taxes, tek robot taxis,
Out ah many wah?

 The day of sun when bullet and gun run like waters,
Priest your sons and nun your daughters,
Pressure release, no justice, no peace,
Educated with no future, uneducated rule,
No housing, no trust, but the nation nuh fool,
All are equal, some more than others,
Divided, no longer sisters and brothers,
One people out ah love, land, out ah money,
Out ah many … wah!

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