Hello Girl

DCS: Hi, the name I have to share is Smith,
with you this adventure I’m ready to share with.
KTP: Excuse me, I’m KTP, and your beauty is what I see.

DCS: Can I inspect your physicality?
It seems to speak volumes of your personality.
KTP: I am not a liar, come close and feel the fire.

DCS: Slowly take my hand and step with me – let’s go higher.
KTP: Now I know that perfection exists, when I see you.

DCS: Hey over here, I know you’re not a clock,
but do you have a few minutes to spare?
KTP: Lol you must be a clock, because those hips go tic toc lol.


DCS: Kidding, please stop, I just need to get your number before I go to the shop.
KTP: By the looks of you, guys appealing aint nothing new,
it may amuse you and I guarantee that when I’m done
you will want to give me your number too.

poemsDCS: Before another statement,
I just want you to know that I can be your ‘current’ replacement.
Things can get so intense,
with people around we might have to take it to the basement.
KTP: Lol I can give rise to sweetest pleasure that you have never felt before…
it will feel sweeter than the most intense eruption.

DCS: Like the rays from the sunset,
I want to see your beauty go down and fall for me.
Like the softness of a baby’s blanket,
that’s how comfortable our experience will be.
KTP: Our experience will be of passion,
when wedding bells ring I will see tears of joy flow from your eyes…
remember me KTP.

-Daron Chosen Smith & Kerione The Poet

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Download The Jamaican Blogs™ App for your Android device: HERE