Protests By Gay Activists Force Beenie Man Off New Zealand Concert

A scheduled performance by Beenie Man at a New Zealand concert was canceled after gay activists objected to him appearing.

According to Loop News,  the event known as the Ragamuffin Festival is slated to be held in Auckland, the country’s largest and most populous urban area on February 20, 2016.

Beenie Man is one of several Jamaican entertainers who have been targeted for using lyrics which were deemed as homophobic in recent years.

He has been replaced by lesbian reggae singer Diana King, the first Jamaican artist to publicly come out as gay, reported GayNZ.


Beenie has since admitted to the New Zealand press that his homophobic lyrics were wrong and that he is a changed man.

In 2012 he made an apology of sorts on YouTube where he stated that he had nothing against gay people.

“I have nothing against no one. I respect every human being regardless of which race, creed or which religious belief..regardless of which sexual preference you have including gay and lesbian people,” the artiste said at the time.

But it is clear his apology holds no water with the gay activists who claim his post was about self-interest and was insincere.


Source: Loop News

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