Would Your Ancestors Be Proud of You ?

New 8th national hero for JamaicaToday, is being celebrated as heroes day here in Jamaica and for many of us it’s just a day to get off work and have some fun or get some rest.

Do we really understand and appreciate what our heroes sacrificed for us? This question brings me back to the issue of whether or not history should become compulsory in schools. I believe that our children need to learn about where they are coming from or they will have no knowledge where they need to be in the future.

Far too many Jamaicans find our culture to be boring and spend too many hours lost in other cultures or feeding on empty materials.

However, for one day every year we get up and say how much our heroes mean to us and post their images. I stop and wonder from time to time how knowledgeable my fellow Jamaicans are when it comes to the work of our heroes. This heroes day I implore us to take up a book and learn about the people who did so much for our nation and then try to emulate their wisdom.


If our heroes were alive today touring our island how would they feel about the accomplishments we have made to date? Let us do the very best we can to ensure that they would be proud to know that we have made us of the freedom that they fought so hard for.

We need the strength and determination that they had to stand up to those who continually try to bring Jamaica down. We need their voice to not be afraid when the wrongdoers try to discredit our opinions. We need to be proud of our culture and ensure that it comes first when when we teach our children. That way, in the future they will be able to proudly tell the stories of those before them.

If you are guilty of not being aware of the sacrifices of our ancestors apologize and move forward in your attempts to learn more about the determination they had.


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