The LAW: What is its real purpose in a country?

The recent incident in the United States Kentucky county called Grayson, where County Clerk Kim Davis was jailed for six (6) days for refusing to comply with a Supreme Court Judge order to issue marriage certificates to homosexuals, has motivated me to give a deeper insight on the camouflaged and real purposes of the Law found in any country.

The argument for those opposing Kim Davis’ religious belief of Marriage being a union between a man and a woman is that the Federal Law of the land has a different definition of Marriage. Ergo, state officials must abide by the Law regardless of whether it is against the wishes of the people who elected that County Clerk. With this incident in the United States of America, people across the globe need to start asking themselves if it makes any sense surrendering to the tyranny of politicians.

Laws in their purest form were not created (by politicians) to have a definite ‘right or wrong’, ‘good or bad’, ‘legal or illegal’, ‘guilty or not guilty’ outcome regarding whichever case before the court. However, politicians made it their utmost duty of carefully scripting Laws in the most ambiguous way that will allow for a plethora of interpretations and technicalities that the highly educated and wealthy can use as safe secure backdoors for committing crimes with impunity. They–the politicians, bigwigs, and wealthy–enjoy unrestricted access to those backdoors by keeping themselves in a position of being able to pay for advanced services of the greatest criminals on Earth called Attorneys-at-law, who are well trained to interpret the Laws according to how much the client is able to pay. Furthermore, that is why the average poor persons continue to be caught by the Law, since those persons are too ignorant and poor to find and utilize those backdoors. If I should ask you to name ten politicians or bigwigs who have been sentenced to prison for crimes, I am absolutely sure you would have severe difficulty coming up with at least five names. Do you catch my drift?

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Never forget that the quest for power, wealth, and control over the masses can only be achieved by finding creative ways of manipulating the information that will be fed into the brains of the masses, which results in the masses eternally having a false and skewed understanding of the information they read and hear. This is achieved by the group of elites–the Mental Slave Masters–being able to surreptitiously brainwash and train the masses into having total confidence and faith in the information fed to them without ever attempting to use their innate Common Sense to analyze the information before digesting it. With this sordid mindset deeply enshrined in the masses, politicians and bigwigs have been able to create an education system that deprives the masses of mastering the art of highly advanced Language Comprehension and Interpretation, which is essentially required for the masses to be able to read, comprehend, and interpret the advanced complex structure and sentence composition of the Laws. Reading or listening is far more than an individual being able to call and hear words in order to put words together and get a fair understanding of the face value of the meaning of a sentence or paragraph. However, reading and listening have a lot to do with an individual being able to master the art of identifying and interpreting the hidden underlying meanings of a sentence or paragraph, based on how the speaker or writer arranges his/her words, sentences, and paragraphs. If you do not believe me, then ask yourself, how was it possible for that Jamaican Police Officer who shot a man in cold blood on video to walk free? Also, how was it possible for Erstwhile Agriculture Minister Roger Clarke to walk free after killing that bike man on the right-hand side while making a right turn?


Now, the Laws in their normal camouflaged form were deliberately designed by politicians to give the masses an unprecedented delusional belief that the Laws were created in the best interest and protection of masses while maintaining good order and harmony among the citizens of the country. However, while the masses continue to digest that hogwash fed to them via the Matrix of Mental Slavery, the politicians continue to do everything in their power to make it even more expensive and tedious for the average person to secure the services of the most astute and accomplished legal criminals called Attorneys-at-law. In order to sink the masses further into the pit of deception, the politicians and bigwigs use the camouflage called Evidence (which can easily be destroyed, distorted, or not left on the scene of the crime) as the fundamental basis for the members of the sordid Justice System to use to secure a conviction. This is so because they know very well that reliance on evidence alone without Common Sense reasoning will prove futile in convicting politicians, bigwigs, and the wealthy who can easily afford the services of Queen’s Counsel Attorneys who are experts at finding the secret backdoors in the Laws. Hence, this framework of Justice renders the Laws extremely efficient and powerful in convicting the ordinary poor and semi-educated or illiterate citizens of society, while giving politicians the unlimited power of bullying the masses into immorality ( Marriage Definition, et al) via the enforcement of those sordid Laws.

Any individual with a brain who firmly believes that every Law must be adhered to no matter how much he/she can clearly identify that some of those Laws are in fact tyrannous and oppressive to the masses, serves no purpose to society. Sensible well thinking people do not just abide by Laws, Rules, or Orders simply because the dictators of society say it is the right thing to do; but they will abide by those Laws, Rules, and Orders only if they are in alignment with morality, principles, nature, and serve the best interest of at least the masses.

Who gives any government such right to bully the citizens in any country to succumb to immorality, and then imprison those persons who morally ignore or reject those irrelevant and immoral Laws? The members within the various levels of the sordid Justice System–Judges, Attorneys, and Security Officers–are already seasoned marionettes of the politicians sitting in Government; and the only way the masses can break free from the tyranny of those sordid laws, is for them to start mastering the art of Language Comprehension and Interpretation. This will allow the masses to defy those Laws and walk free through those backdoors like politicians; and simply means being able to identify and understand the premise on which Laws operate in order to prevent the Justice System from obtaining the evidences needed for a conviction.

In closing, let me tell the masses that since the politicians will never attempt to plug the multi-leveled backdoors they created in the Laws for their own convenience and immunity, then the people must know the following in order to access those backdoors: 1.) Make it your effort to master the art of Language Comprehension and Interpretation 2.) Never act out of anger, love, patriotism, or impulse 3.) Always have a calm level head 4.) Always identify what is required to secure a conviction for that particular offence 5.) Always identify all the elements of Laws that can raise ambiguity and reasonable doubt in order to secure a not guilty verdict 6.) Think carefully and long before you attempt to challenge any Law 7.) Never crumble to the strong interrogation of the security forces to provide them with evidences you know they will never find. Those skills are what separate the politicians and bigwigs from the masses or semi-educated. To hell with Laws that are irrelevant and oppressive to the masses!

Your respectfully,

Garth ‘Sub-Zero’ Allen
Author – Freedom of Expression (Soon to be published)

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