“She Sang in a Jamaican Accent” – Trinidadian’s Facebook Post About Nicki Minaj Goes Viral!

A recent post by a Trinidadian about the popular rapper Nicki Minaj has gone viral.

Nicki Minaj seemingly roused the ire of the poster with her performance of her hit song Trini Dem Girls at the recently held MTV Video Music Awards in Los Angeles.

According to the poster: “everybody talkin about true trini but she sang the song in a Jamaican accent, but some trini’s are so desperate for a lil recognition it doesn’t matter if she creates a totally false idea of how we speak and act, that’s why the world always think that Trinidad is a place in Jamaica, the song reflected Jamaican culture more than anything is else, the costume save her otherwise it would have nothing about her that truly reflects Trinidad, she did songs with Beenie, Movado, Gyptian but can’t do a song with Machel or Bunji yet, she is no trini, in her interview she depicted Trinidad as some war torn destitute place that she jus managed to escape, she uses trinidad just to create a story, but she don’t know or care anything about here, she is not a trini, she cannot relate to us, and she left here too young to know much about us, and for those who are going to call me a hater or ungrateful becuz she put us on the map jus by mentioning us, you should have a lil more dignity and stop putting a price on your name, it doesn’t matter if she did a music video here, don’t sell your culture short just for your name to be known, a little name is not worth trading your identity, she doesn’t identify with us, she identifies with Jamaica.

On the day of our Independence, this has been nothing but an international insult to us, have a lil more self respect Trinidad, this is not who or how we are, wake up.

Scores of persons have since commented on the post with similar sentiments.

Many seemingly believe the popular entertainer does not accurately portray Trinidadian culture.

The post was made yesterday and has already been shared over 1,000 times. 


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Image via Youtube
Image via Youtube

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