Make Jamaica a PNP State

It is full time we face some realities in this land of wood, not much water, sand mining and polluted seas. 

We’ve been fooling ourselves for too long about this two party democracy rubbish in Jamaica.  It is time to declare this island a PNP state and end all the political pussyfooting.  The reasons are very simple and can even be interpreted in some quarters as facts.  Let’s look at it seriously.

The Perfect PNP

The PNP has a flawless, spotless track record in governance and economic management of the country, having the best performance ever seen in modern history.  IF IF IF they have ever failed in this department it is the fault of the JLP.  Whatever problems this country has faced since independence is the fault of the JLP, private sector, john crows who hardly fly, the boogey man or any other real or imagined element….just not the PNP.  The reason the dollar drowned from a sub-$6-1 to an $80-1 in eighteen and a half years was because of the JLP.  The reason it left on vacation after 2011 and is now travelling past $118-1 is because of the JLP.


The mountains of scandals, corruption, nepotism, economic disasters, hurricanes, drought and hot sun should be blamed on the JLP.  IF IF IF any mention is made of corruption against the PNP simply mention that the only person of mention politically to have gone to prison was a member of…the JLP…that way it will all become irrelevant.  The levels of gang violence and garrisons is because of the JLP, since the PNP has no garrisons, no dons, or criminal gangs associated with it’s existence in any form.  All the crimes across Jamaica have been caused by Dudus and the JLP…that’s the explanation if any mention is made of the PNP and criminal networks. 

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The economy is world class when the PNP is in power and if not, blame the JLP.  Anything that has been a “run wid it” project, blame the JLP.  The cost overruns, lack of accountability, incompetence, massive overspending in government contracts and appointments, nepotism at its worst blame the JLP.  All the contracts awarded over ten years by the National Contracts Commission (not the JLP or even during a JLP admin) to a man ‘suddenly’ deemed to be a “well known international criminal king”… blame the JLP.   Actually, from the 1976 State of Emergency and Green Bay Killings all the way to NHT and the Crown and Anchor con artist three card dealings in 2015, blame the JLP.

For the wage freezes and inability to properly pay or create adequate incentives for the public sector, blame the JLP.  The inability of government to display any form of responsibility or prudence in how it handles expenditure for those it so chooses while asking all others to suffer quietly and remain faithful, blame the JLP. 

The behind door deals cut with any and every foreign company with a dollar to offer and no transparency from government, blame the JLP.  IF IF IF any mention is made of these things just refer to the road work programme under the JLP a few years ago…it seems to always work as a good excuse for some.  The constant need to override and overrule every oversight body put in place for accountability in the name of “progress”, blame the JLP.  If we have literally decided to sell and swap any and every piece of Jamaica in secretively signed deals not a soul has a clue about, blame the JLP.

For any and all negative issues we have experienced as a country since barely more than fifty years of independence, blame the JLP.  IF IF IF you can find any other group to blame, then blame any person who agrees with or supports any possible thing ever done by the JLP.  Remember that once you disagree with the PNP and what it does, if you support anything ever done by the JLP, if you even credit the PNP but also credit the JLP,  then you’re a “Labourite”.  Simple.  The fourteen parishes, their capitals, every man, woman and child, puss, dog or other animal is PNP…except for the few “dunce” people who keep thinking the JLP or any other party is relevant. 

There is no need for democracy in Jamaica since we all function as if the PNP is not only best, but far above any need for accountability, proper governance or even remotely in need caring what the people who elect them think.  It is full time that we accord the PNP the respect they deserve and declare Jamaica a PNP state…”Jamaica, Land of the PNP” sounds just about right to me.  Also, abandoning the local and general elections will save the country billions of dollars which can be more effectively used to pay sixty three PNP members of Parliament to help make them live more comfortably and function more effectively.  All “well thinking Jamaicans from civil society” would do this country a world of good to allow the PNP to be the only political party in Jamaica since they are the only perfectly assembled group of any kind since independence.  Whatever the PNP thinks is good for the PNP is good for Jamaica, and that is all that has ever mattered.  We don’t need good governance, accountability, transparency and all that other rubbish.  What we need is the PNP as it is today…the perfect formula from the perfect party.

Rodney S. O. Campbell ©


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