Angry Naturals

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Let me start off firstly by saying my hair is currently in a state of transition.

I’ve been transitioning from relaxed back to its natural state but I’m still not sure if I will take the ultimate step and cut off my relaxed ends. The natural movement is a beautiful movement to see. I love seeing our ladies embracing their natural hair textures. However, what I can’t stand to see is the hatred that they show towards those ladies who have opted not to go back to their natural textures for whatever reasons. 

Natural hair ladies are always quick to say that men shouldn’t be focusing on their exterior but on what’s on the inside yet still they spend all their time speaking down on the physical exteriors of ladies with relaxed hair. Please ladies don’t forget that a couple months ago or years ago you were fully contented with your relaxed hair and would question naturalhair girls for not doing the same.

 The next issue I have is when natural hair girls put in extensions in their hair and call it protective styles but spend all their free time jumping on the backs of ladies who wear straight weaves because their extensions don’t look natural. It doesn’t matter if it looks natural or not ,extension is extension and they are wearing it for the same purpose as you. Then there are those naturals who always have in false hair and then once a year they take them out just to post a picture to say they are team natural. Please stop embarrassing yourself you are not on that team.
The final issue is that of natural girls believing that their natural hair brings them 100% closer to being a true African than anyone else. Looks is just half of it please remember that without the mentality the looks are just looks nothing more. I was speaking to someone the other day about how the meaning of the word empress had changed over the years. When I was growing up an empress was a woman who dressed modestly, spoke respectfully and had her natural hair .

These days from you drop in the latest natural style you are called an empress. If the lady isn’t going to embrace the term empress in its entirety please refrain from giving them the title. All I’m saying is that the women movement need less hatred and divisions and more love and unity. We need to stop finding all these reasons to divide us, but come together and purify our minds because that is what is most important



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