Principal of Padmore Primary Seeks Buyer For Her SUV to Save School (Audio)

By merely hearing her speak, one can deduce that Keisha Hayle, Principal of Padmore Primary School truly values the education that children in Jamaica receive.

So selfless and devoted is Hayle that she is now seeking a buyer for her RAV4 Sports Utility vehicle in order to acquire the necessary funds to construct an additional classroom block at the school.

The school located in the Padmore District in St. Andrew caters to the educational needs of some of the least fortunate children financially and was scheduled to be closed by the Ministry of Education because it was viewed as a strain of the government.

Currently the school has no canteen and teachers have to use one of two bathrooms provided for students.


Despite the difficulties faced at the institution, students have endured and moved on to attend prominent high schools by getting awesome grades in the Grade Six Achievement Test (GSAT).

The Jamaican Blogs™ managed to get in touch with Principal Hayle .

Listen to what she had to say below:

Contact Padmore Primary via E-mail: [email protected] | Phone: 944-4132

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Source: Loop Jamaica

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