New Era Slaves

It is very clear that THE JLP and the PNP run Jamaica.

Imagine after 50 odd years of independence many of us are still slaves to politics, much to the point that we cannot even speak honestly less we offend those who support the party with which we are aligned.

There is ‘cuss cuss’ in the PNP and ‘cuss cuss’ in the JLP and each side rejoices at the other’s downfall, while in the mean time Jamaica and Jamaicans are caught dead smack in the middle of party infighting, arrogance, and of course it is all about power and control over country and people.

No one seems to be asking the question whom is better able to take Jamaica forward. All you hear is people saying that if Andrew is not the captain or Portia is not the captain they will not vote. 

Talk about ignorance and illiteracy. So do we vote on policies or do we vote for reality stars? 50 odd years of independence and many Jamaicans still have no clue. We have had a two party system since independence and yet in 2015 health care is a farce, schools are being shut down, murder is at an all time high, children are being abused, raped and murdered, the elderly are treated like garbage, and the only thing many Jamaicans can talk about is ‘dem born PNPor JLP’ and then have the audacity to turn around and talk about reparations for slavery?

Both PNP and JLP are corrupt destroy JamaicaSeriously? We have a new era of slave owners called politicians, and a bunch of lackies who instead of professing to be born Jamaicans would rather say they are born JLP or PNP, and will sit on their derrieres, condone the nastiness melted out by their party of preference, and then turn around and say they are free. Obviously after 50 odd years of independence the right to vote is still lost to many, and why they vote or what they vote for is as foreign to them as the countries that make up the middle east.

How very sad. We recently celebrated another emancipation day, but it is very clear that the minds of many of us are still tied to the plantations. In 2015 it is very clear that as a country and as a people we still ‘nuh have nuh clue’. See Jamaicans being asked to rally in numbers to go and show support for Mr. Holness today, yet tell them to rally for better from both sides of the aisle and every body goes silent. Visit  several online forums and all you will see is Jamaicans laying down their lives for their political gods and political party.

We truly are a sick set of people. Visit any public hospital today and find Jamaicans suffering in unmentionable ways while waiting to see a doctor, go into some of the wards and see patients lying on chairs because there are no beds, but we  rally behind politicians. In the 8th month of 2015 we have passed the 700 mark as it relates to people being murdered in cold blood by their fellow Jamaicans, but we  rally behind politicians.

Many Jamaicans are not allowed to even visit their own beaches, but we  rally behind politicians. The Jamaican dollar has no value, but we rally behind politicians. We are importing sugar while thousands of cane fields go to waste, but we rally behind politicians. When politicians get sick, they jump on a plane to Miami or New York for treatment, while the Jamaican without a passport or visa suffers while waiting to see a doctor – but we a rally behind politicians? See the ignorance and illiteracy??? God help Jamaica.

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“God nelp Jamaica?” God help those who help themselves!