“If Yuh Face Sour Me a Spend Me Money Somewhere Else” Says Jamaican Vlogger (Video)

“Dear Jamaican workers, if yu face sour me a spend me money somewhere else” is the title of a recently published Youtube video by a popular Jamaican video blogger.

During the video the animated vlogger expresses her disgust with the level of customer service many Jamaicans receive and shares personal experiences where she was subjected to sub standard service.

She also encouraged Jamaicans not to patronize establishments where customer service is poor.

Watch her explosive video below, check out her YouTube channel HERE and share your thoughts in the comments.


Image via Youtube/countryfromlongtime
Image via Youtube/countryfromlongtime

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Pamela Lalande
6 years ago

This needs to go viral in the Jamaican neighborhoods in Brooklyn!

Aisha Bowen
6 years ago

The chinese living here are the worst when it comes on to customer service.

Dave Brownie
6 years ago

Mi like you bad

Roberta Francis
6 years ago

Girl I so agree with you. I need to share my story as it happen to me just a few days ago. I went into a place called WOW which is a franchise of Bascho on Orange Street, Downtown. It was my first time there. I went to a part where I saw like rottissiere chicken and salads. A white girl came in and was standing behind me when I asked the ‘thing” behind the counter for the price of the rottissiere chicken. The white girl proceeded to ask her the same question to which she answered the white girl,… Read more »

Anthony Allen
6 years ago

I am so in agreement with you girl. Customer service is #1if you no have it left di work.

Janet Brooks-Dyer
6 years ago

I couldn’t agree with you more. Have driven away from a gas station too due to poor customer service.

DemDem Kurlyboo
6 years ago

i LOve this.. I simply demand good customer service or i will take my money some where else.

Dave Clarke
6 years ago

She has earned the “Microdac Award” for public information (if I had an award). She is so right on target. It’s the service provider’s CHOICE to be nice and it is my CHOICE to spend my money where I feel welcomed!

Monty Jack-Sparrow Davis

ROYAL COMPUTER IN HALF WAY TREE THAT! You go in there with you money and you have fi a beg them fi come look pon you and open the shelf them. WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE!

Dave Clarke
6 years ago

The only true vote you have is with your dollar bill. Spend it where you, the customer, will be rewarded with pleasant service! She is right!