Free Jamaica

Free Jamaica

Jamaica are you shouting that you’re free?

Or you’re crying to be freed?

I just ‘wanna know’.


Out of many we are one, yet we’re so divided,

how can we say that we’ve won?

Free Jamaica

We’re able to walk about freely,

yet still we’re struggling financially.

Gripped by the claws of unemployment,

we’re suffocating silently.


poemsFree Jamaica

We now have the right to vote,

but who are we voting for?

The promise breakers,

the ones who proclaimed a mysterious love for the poor?

What are we voting for?

Free Jamaica

Where rice eaters can come in,

set up their shops and start sell-in,


yet our own fuss about locking down turfs – they won’t stop fighting.

We all can win this race,

working together sharing the same space.

Free Jamaica

The land of wood and ‘wata’,

where Jamaicans are not satisfied with just enough,

we’re always up for braata.

We aim to be like God, but some do it the wrong way,

We still applaud the ones who do things right more than they say.

Free Jamaica


Why can’t we do what Paul did?

Fight for the people and not ourselves – let’s start a new bid.

Living selfishly,

why can’t we do it like Marcus, Alex, Sam, George or Nanny?

Let’s fight for our children, who are taken away secretly

to be molested and beaten.

Free Jamaica our glorious island,

It’s a pity we are free to do, but we’re not free from…

-Daron Chosen Smith

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Thelma Crooks
6 years ago

Very deep poem.