Can You Guess Where in Jamaica This is? (Video)

How well do you know Jamaica?

We decided to start off really easy though it would not be surprising if many people cannot instantly identify where in Jamaica this short video was taken.

The only hint we can give for this one is that it’s a really popular part of the the island.

Watch the short clip below and let us know just how easy  it was for you to identify this place.


Share with friends and see how well they do.

They all won’t be easy – We Promise.

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Download The Jamaican Blogs™ App for your Android device: HERE

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Beres Oniel Thompson
6 years ago

on the road from ocho rios cruise ship pier to dunn’s river

Judith Nicely
6 years ago

Ocho Rios

Christopher Creary
6 years ago

That’s where Little duns river is

Althea Brown
6 years ago

Ocho Rios near Dunn’s river

Stanley Scott
6 years ago

Near Little dunns river and the Pier.

Belle Bell
6 years ago

Ocho Rios

Silke Hagemann
6 years ago

I didn’t even have to watch the video, it’s the “One Love Trail” from Ocho Rios to Dunns River & vice versa

Jacinth Bygrave
6 years ago

This is in ocho rios

Theresa Ellington
6 years ago

One Love Trail, Ocho Rios