5 Reasons Why Jamaica is One of the Best Caribbean Destinations to Visit

Many people across the globe claim that Jamaica is the best  Caribbean island to visit, hands down.

Jamaica vacations are jam-packed  with beautiful attractions and the warmest people. This is why so many travellers and jet-setters continue to list Jamaica as one of the best Caribbean travel destinations.

Here are five great reasons why Jamaica is one of the best Caribbean islands to visit:

Welcoming people – As soon as you leave the airport, you will immediately be greeted by local Jamaican people  excited to provide you with the best Caribbean vacation. Jamaican people are some of the most warm, friendly and hospitable that you will ever meet, and because they are accustomed to their island being a favorite tourist spot, they are oftentimes more than willing to give you a tour of the land.


Laid back atmosphere – Jamaican vacations are not only popular because of the place; Jamaicans are very  laid-back and  really know how to have a good time. They are very much  into dancing  and music, and even if you are not particularly good at dancing, you would find all your inhibitions melting away as  you hear the music playing. I am sure you’ve heard the saying “No  Problem, Mon” –  well it is true, anything you ask for they will respond  with “No  problem”. So once you’re here, just set up a hammock in an ideal spot, relax and take in the good vibes. Just ensure you use a strong carabiner to set up your hammock.

Great food – In Jamaica you will have some of the  freshest seafood and meat in general, and that is because many times they are coming  directly  from the sea or from local farmers. You will see  fishermen  walking along the road with fish that they just caught, you  will see a  farmer bringing in fresh eggs from the farm in the mornings.  You will  see the market overflowing with the fruits and vegetables from local  farms.  The spicy curry and jerk seasoning is something that I guarantee  you will want to take home and make for your family well after your  Jamaican vacation.

White sandy beaches – Pristine and exotic white  beaches are probably one of the most important requirements to be regarded as one of the best  Caribbean travel destinations, and a vacation to Jamaica is the place to be. Crystal clear waters can be enjoyed in numerous places across the island. We truly have some of the most beautiful beach areas the mind can imagine.

Great Culture – When you take your vacation in  Jamaica, it is highly recommended to hire  a local tour guide that can  take you around the island to show you the  culture of local Jamaicans.  Learn how they shop for their meat, or buy their fresh fish. Drink a  coconut by the side of the road. Learn more  about the Rastafarians or old traditional healing. Make sure to soak in the culture as well as  the great food.

Image overlooking Ocho Rios courtesy of
Image overlooking Ocho Rios courtesy of

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