Toying With Evil? Education Ministry Bans Game that Many Believe Summons Demon (Video)

It’s already being called this generation’s Ouija board.

Quija boards are usually a flat piece of wood printed with letters, numbers, and other signs, on which a movable indicator points, supposedly providing answers to questions. They are often times used by persons attempting to communicate with the dead.

This new game which has gained global popularity is known as “Charlie, Charlie”.

It is believed the game’s participants are able to communicate with Mexican spirit named Charlie and is essentially a makeshift version of the Ouija board. Using two pens (or pencils) and a paper, a grid is drawn on paper to make four panels. 

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Two of which are then labelled “yes” and the other two “no.” The pens are then put on top of another, to make the shape of a cross.

Participants in the game then say aloud: “Charlie, Charlie can we play” or “Charlie, Charlie are you here?” 

They then wait for the pen to turn to “yes” or “no”, often times filming the game to post on social media.

According to the ObserverChief Education Officer Grace McLean has directed schools to monitor students to ensure they are not allowed to play the game.

In a release Friday, the ministry said it issued the ban following reports from several schools across the island of very disruptive behaviour by students who engaged in the game.

Some reports say that students displayed demon-possessed or paranormal behaviour while playing the game.

The ministry has further advised school personnel to immediately contact the regional offices if they need help and further support to address the situation.

It also requested parents and guardians to monitor their children carefully outside of school, as based on the reviews of Charlie, Charlie Challenge there can be serious psychological effects on children.

What are your thoughts on the “Charlie Charlie” game? Watch the video from Pix 11 below and share your thoughts in the comments.

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