Miguel Lorne Describes Chronnix’s Controversial ‘Waste Man’ Statement as “Beautiful”

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Attorney at Law Miguel Lorne was recently interviewed by Loop News, and shared his opinions on the popular Jamaican entertainer Chronixx.

Chronixx has received a huge amount of backlash in recent times for a highly controversial Instagram post where he seemingly referred to the President of the United States as a ‘waste man’.

When asked what he thought about Chronixx’s post, he described it as “Beautiful”.

He also stated “I always love when artistes, and especially young artistes make political statements like these. These are important political statements. These are statements with far reaching consequences and no doubt those who respect and honour him will analyze the statement. Some will agree, some will disagree, but the important thing is the message that he is bringing across that President Obama came to Jamaica and did not address the issue of exoneration or pardon of one of the greatest human beings ever to walk this earth – the Hon Marcus Garvey.”


See full interview below and share your views:

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