Terrorism: From A Different Angle

According to my knowledge and Common Sense reasoning, terrorism is the use of violence to drive extreme fear or terror among the intended targeted people in order to force them to conform to the dictates, demands, or wishes of the terrorist(s).

This level of violence will eventually escalate to that of even genocide if the terrorists’ demands are rejected or challenged by the state and/or citizens within that geographic region. With that said, I will use the remaining paragraphs to outline my critical analysis of the history of terrorism, which led to me dichotomizing terrorism into ‘Unauthorized or Unofficial Terrorism’ and ‘Authorized or Official Terrorism’.

Going all the way back to Pre-Slavery, I have discovered that the earliest form of extreme violence and wars were safely sheltered under the roof of Religion. Under this roof, Leaders of Religious Groups (Christianity, Islam, et al) would randomly meet and decide when the Lord is ready for them to start gathering and training militants to go out to slaughter members of their arch-rival religion. They would carry out those brutal executions if those members continue to reject their call for them to be converted to the ‘True Religion’ that the Almighty God had established for people to worship him. Here, is the gargantuan mother ship for the birth and continued development of our now current and modern warfare across the globe.

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Moving forward to Slavery,–a progeny of the same mother ship–the Slave Masters would travel the world to places like Jamaica and elsewhere seeking human beings who could endure extended horrid working conditions the best. In their voyage for finding Slaves, they realized that Black People (oblivious to the fact that it was the high melanin in Black People that made them tolerant to sunlight) were the most enduring to extended working conditions such as long working hours and very hot sunlight. Also, the Slave Masters perceived Black People as the dumbest and most credulous of all the human races on the planet; and this led to them discovering the vast financial opportunities that could be derived from working black people for nothing while allowing the slaves to breed up in order to increase their asset value and slave trade. However, there were bad apples among the slaves that the Slave Masters immediately had to find a way to suppress or weed out in order to preserve their booming financial slave trade. Those bad apples were the few independent thinking slaves who were emerging within each group of slaves, which meant that the majority of slaves were at risk of being enlightened about their Slave Master’s atrocities to them. The Slave Masters then decided that the best way to prevent such a risk was to start driving extreme fear within the slaves by publicly beating those bad apples to submission or death.


As Modernization and Capitalism began growing its tentacles deep and far, the Slave Masters began accepting the reality that Physical Slavery was slowly but surely becoming an impediment to their ultimate goal of generating excess wealth at the expense of the masses. This was so because the slaves were rapidly becoming enlightened and frustrated of Physical Slavery and began collaborating to fight the Slave Masters for their freedom. After rigorous and extensive meetings among the Slave Masters, they came to the conclusion that the best way to achieve their ultimate goal without relying on Physical Slavery was to continue and intensify the manipulation and control of the human mind called Mental Slavery, but sold to the masses as Education and Independence. This was so because the Slave Masters realized that Mental Slavery had the first and primary maternal linkage to the mother ship called Religion. The beauty about this form of slavery is that it is virtually undetectable, providing that the masters know how to manipulate information before feeding it to the masses. At that point, the Slave Masters then set out on signing treaties and agreements with the slaves,while diplomatically (the mastery of pathological mendacity and hypocrisy) promising them their freedom and independence. The final thing left for the Slave Masters to do was to come up with an appropriate umbrella to shelter Capitalism, and to rebrand themselves under a name that would sound friendlier than the exhausted title of Slave Master.

Upon careful examination of the various governance systems (Democracy, Communism, Dictatorship, Autocracy, et al) that were available for them to choose from, the Slave Masters decided to embrace and perpetuate the system of Democracy. This was so because by that time there was a much broader objective of the forces of darkness to establish a ‘One World Order of Enslavement and Control’ of people. Democracy, fortunately, provides that perfect illusive environment where the masses were easily made to believe that by voting they had a significant say in the economic development and independence of the masses. Little did the masses know before boarding that ship of Democracy, that what they were in fact doing was voluntarily authorizing the Group of Elites (Politicians and Business Moguls) to work them for little or nothing under Cheap Labour so that the newly branded Slave Masters can reap and keep more than 75% of wealth generated. In order to further conceal the real atrocities of Democracy (a much milder form of Dictatorship and Autocracy), the Mental Slave Masters found very creative ways of demonizing the most beneficial governance system for the masses called Communism, while giving the masses the irrational hope that they too can achieve exorbitant wealth by achieving a higher education. The Mental Slave Masters instill within the masses–the majority working under Cheap Labour–that with a degree from a university, they can have access to the executive positions within the workplace where exorbitant salaries are being distributed. However, what the ‘Group of Elites’ continue to do behind the scenes is to make obtaining a degree virtually impossible for the masses (poor people) due to red tapes and exorbitant fees. Also, even if all the masses miraculously found a way to obtain a degree, then that would still mean that the masses will have no choice but to settle for those same Cheap Labour jobs (Janitors, Clerks, Garbage Workers, et cetera) due to the fact that executive positions are the smallest sector of any business.

For those of you who may not know, Communism is a system of governance where everything within the country is owned by the state and those things are accessible to everyone according to his/her needs and contribution. On the other hand, Democracy is a deceptive ‘Of the People, By the People, and For the People’ system of governance where Capitalism is allowed to exploit the masses under Cheap Labour in order for the Group of Elites to reap over 75% of wealth generated within that country or business. Now, due to the pellucid lessons learnt from the era of Physical Slavery, the forces of darkness decided that they had to create a headquarters that had the wealth, resources, and alliances strong enough to enforce strict adherence of the masses to the Matrix of Mental Slavery. That led to them using terror via Diplomacy, Economic Sanctions, and World Wars to capture lands to set up their headquarters called the United States of America. That is what led to the United States of America being dubbed as the World Police and the most powerful country on the planet, even though China is in fact the most powerful country on an economic level.However, the real thing that earned the United States of America its infamous World Power–the World’s Greatest Terrorist Organization–is the deeply enshrined levels of Satanism under which it operates. The President of the United States, along with alliances from other sub-headquarters (England,France, et al) of the Devil, spreads the New One World Order terror mainly by imposing economic sanctions–the starvation of the economy of a foreign country and its citizens–on any country that dares to defy the mission of Capitalism and One World Order.

If you do not believe me, then I am happy to implore you to take some time to research the history of the American One Dollar (US$1) and the Illuminati’s work in progress for the establishment of the New One World Order, and then compare your findings with what I have presented. I will make it much easier for you by pointing out a few of the palpable evidences that can be found on the US$1 to support my arguments. Now, if you look at the back of the US$1, you will see a number of images, signs, symbols, and words printed on the American currency; and if you look to the left, you will see the reverse side of the Great Seal of the United States of America–the President uses the front. On that seal, you will see a thirteen-level (13) pyramid with an eye looking through a ball of light at the top of the pyramid, which is not yet joined to the rest of the pyramid. Above that pyramid, you will see the Latin words “Annuit Coeptis”; and below that pyramid, you will see the Latin words “Novus Ordo Seclorum”. At the base of that pyramid, you will see the Roman Numerals “MDCCLXXVI”; and to the top center, you will see the English words “In God We Trust”. Now, let me start by translating the Latin words above and below the pyramid in order for you to understand what the design of the pyramid really represents. The Latin Annuit translates in English to mean “To approve” or “To nod”; Coeptis translates to mean “Commencement” or “Undertaking”; Novus translates to mean “New”; Ordo translates to mean “Order”; and Seclorum translates to mean “Ages” or “Generation”. Putting these translations together to form a complete English sentence, you will get the following sentence: “[He/She/It] approves our undertaking of the New Order of the Ages or Generation”. Who or what has approved the undertaking of the United States of America? The Roman Numerals “MDCCLXXVI” translates to mean [July 4,] 1776, which is year of America’s Declaration of Independence. Counting the levels on the pyramid, you will see that it adds up to be 13; and that number signifies the 13 levels of Witch Craft or Freemasonry, which is essentially the 13 bloodlines of the most powerful witchcraft families such as Rockefella, Brotherhood, et al. The eye at the top of the pyramid represents the ‘ever seeing’ eye of the Sun God (thus the Illuminati, which means Illuminating); and the separation of the top of the pyramid from the already joined levels, represents the fact that the completion of the New One Order of Generations across the globe is not yet achieved. As soon as the New One Order is achieved, then the top with the ‘ever seeing’ eye will perfectly join to the rest of the pyramid; and this will result in the world being subjected to the dictates of One Global Government (the Anti-Christ or the Devil), and people will be forced to use One Global Currency. In addition, people will be mercilessly terrorized and killed if they refuse to accept the Micro-Chip–the Mark of the Beast–under their skin, which will be required for anyone to do business.

Further supporting my arguments above, I will direct you to go watch the YouTube videos that are clearly showing the many Agents of the Devil such as Ronald Ragon, George H.W.Bush, George W. Bush, et al, boldly declaring the determination of the United States of America to complete the process of the “New One World Order”. Oh, and the ‘God’ in the sentence “In God We Trust” on the US$1 is in fact the acronym G.O.D, which means Gold, Oil, and Diamond–the greatest sources of Wealth and Power creation in the world. That is why we keep seeing every American President continuing the trend of demonizing and assigning terrorist labels to countries in the Middle East (Iraq, Afghanistan, etc.) and Africa where Gold, and/or Oil, and/or Diamond are abundant, and the Government of those countries are not willing to hand over ownership of the precious wealth commodity to America. The American Presidents do this in order to act on the Americans’ emotion into giving them the support and international approval for America to invade those countries to control and capture the G.O.D they so seek for Power and Dominance in the world. Another creative tactic that the American Presidents use in disabling and destabilizing foreign countries that they plan to invade is to find ways of preventing those stronger countries such as Iran and North Korea from purchasing or developing any nuclear or advanced combat weapons while America enjoys the free will of stocking up on nuclear and advanced combat weapons. The most pathetic thing about America’s tactics for global power and dominance is the fact that the Presidents always use Human Rights as the camouflage for dispensing their terror and sordid lifestyle  on foreign countries that refuse to abide by their dictates or demands. Everything that is outside or against America’s wishes or demands is immediately promoted and sold to the world as a violation of Human Rights.This type of sordid behaviour by the American Presidents, during America’s 238 years of Independence, has led to America successfully creating the most global enemies on the planet; and this results in America being the primary target for all Unauthorized Terrorism, and hence the need for the President to have the tightest security protection in the world.

Imagine, the American Presidents continue to attack and focus on all the ‘wrongs’ of foreign countries in there quest for ‘Human Rights’, yet America in 2015 continue to have alarming levels of internal terrorism such as Racism, Serial Murders, Police Brutalities of Black People, Police Murders of Black People, and the creation and preservation of extreme poverty among the masses. Why is that so? If America was so much trusting in God and not G.O.D, then how on Earth could America be the breeding ground and/or advocacy territory for sordid, evil, and immoral lifestyles, Capitalism, Authorized Terrorism, Cheap Labour, Racism, and Police Killings of Black People? If the American Presidents are so unable and unwilling to fix those sordid issues in their country then please tell me, what kind of Human Rights are they really promoting? Oh, no need to answer; because America’s “Human Rights” slogan is synonymous to its deceptive “In God We Trust” slogan on the US$1, which is in essence saying: “To hell with God, Morality, and Human Rights so that we can complete Satan’s directive for the New One World Order”.

In closing, let me now spend some time to talk about the Unauthorized or Unofficial Terrorism, its causes, and the best way to start reducing the continued occurrence of this type of terrorism. This form of terrorism is simply classified as retaliatory and revengeful extreme violence that was not sanctioned or authorized by the Government and/or World Powers such as the United States of America. When people, relating to generations that were annihilated by orders of Authorized Terrorist Organizations, sit down and deeply examine and reflect on the atrocities committed against their forefathers, it quickly pushes them into a furious state of anger and revenge; and that anger and revenge will continue to grow strong every time those evils are repeated. Also, based on the culture of the various affected countries across the globe, some citizens such as the Muslims may see it as their duty to Allah to execute a similar or more brutal punishment on the Authorized Terrorist Organizations such as the United States of America. This act of terrorism is done to drive extreme fear in the Agents of the Devil (US Presidents, et al) to desist terrorizing and wanting to capture their homeland; and clearly prove to those forces of darkness that they are not afraid to take violence and evil to them if they continue to attack and try to capture their homeland. If you do not believe me, then ask yourself why is it that Unauthorized Terrorists never normally go out attacking countries–such as Jamaica and other Caribbean countries–that are not members of the Authorized Terrorist Organizations. On the other hand, pause to ask yourself why is it that the United States of America spent over 50 years enforcing embargoes and economic sanctions on Cuba due to its Communist system while embracing and smiling with fully Democratic Countries. I will pull the curtains down by saying that any country that is not suffering from embargoes and/or economic sanctions of the United States of America is indeed a devoted marionette to the dictates and demands of the President. 


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